Zlib1.dll File Issue – How to Fix Zlib1.dll Error


“Cannot find [PATH]\zlib1.dll”
“… file zlib1.dll is missing.”
“This application failed to start because zlib1.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

Have you ever encounter the similar error messages but have no idea to repair it? The effective solution to fix zlib1.dll error is not a common knowledge for the common computer user, so it is necessary to learn the way to resolve this error problem.

File description:


File name: zlib data compression library
Size: 59.3 kb
Language: English – United States
Version: 32bit

Zlib1.dll is a member of the “zlib” library for general-purpose data compression and supporting several features in Windows operating system. Besides its useful usage for the computer system, it is often known to get some errors problems which difficult to repair.

What’s zlib1.dll error?

Zlib1.dll error is a common problem that usually occurs when the Windows system fails to load this file as required. The related process will be stopped and error notification appears, if you think that this file and its associated features and processes are important for you, you should get the effective way to get rid of its error issues instantly.

How can fix zlib1.dll error

Knowing what’s the specific cause of the DLL error on computer is very useful for repairing it quickly and easily. However, if you are not clear about the problem, maybe you should try the possible solutions one by one.

General reasons for the error issue:

  • Zlib1.dll itself is corrupted or deleted by mistake
  • Virus and spyware attack
  • Associated registry problems in Windows system
  • Linux Format hardware failure like bad hard drive issue

After knowing the possible cause of this error issue, you can start to fix zlib1.dll error with the following available approaches.

One – re-register the DLL file on the Windows system

Generally speaking, the DLL file should be registered when it is installed with associated application on the computer. If you encounter the DLL not registered error, you can manually register this file again to fix zlib1.dll error, which is a good way used to register other DLL file as well.

  • Click open the Start menu, and select Run


  • Type “cmd” in the searching box to activated the common prompt

type _cmd

  • Then you will see a window with black screen, type “regsvr32_zlib1.dll”, and press Enter
  • Close the command prompt window, and try to launch the program with zlib1.dll file.

Scan and clean infected viruses


Once infected by the malicious virus and threat, it is possible for every file on the computer being damaged or compromised by the attacker. So the zlib1.dll error also could be related to a virus or malware infection on the computer. In this case, it is important to firstly check your computer security situation, and clean up all of virus infections. Then you should go to check whether the zlib1.dll still locates in the right place and can be used smoothly by the computer system.

Note: if you suspect that the computer has been infected by dangerous virus and you already have an antivirus program installed, you should try to update the virus database, or install another professional antivirus application.

Update the drivers for hardware devices

Hardware or hard drive issue is also the reason that often triggers the error issue on the computer system. So you can tr to fix zlib1.dll error via performing an update for the related drivers on your computer.

Steps to update Windows system and drivers quickly:

  • Click on the Start button > All programs > Windows Update


  • Click on Check for updates on the left side


  • After a while, it will show you all available updates
  • Choose to install the update related to the drivers, click OK to start the installation
  • Enter your password or account if you are required to offer a administrator administrator
  • Restart your computer and open the program related to zlib1.dll for a try.

Fix zlib1.dll error with a registry cleaner


Repairing associated registry issues is a way that usually work for solving the DLL error issue on the computer, for that many registries are easily corrupted or deleted for people’s improper operations and other Windows system problems.

Considering the system registry is an important and sensitive place of the computer that contains too many highly essential files, it is a high risk to conduct a manual fix and repair for the registries inside. Therefore, it is suggested to apply a automatic registry cleaner, which is able to help the computer user to find out all registry issues, and fix them quickly and exactly in a short time. So you also can try to install such an application to help you fix zlib1.dll error well, this powerful tool will also help you clean the junk files in Windows system.

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