Xmlparse.dll Error Repair – Fix Xmlparse.dll Error with a Professional Registry Optimizer

Does your computer get some troubles of the xmlparse.dll errors? Do you know where does the error come from? If you are still not clear about this error problem on your computer, fixing the xmlparse.dll error will be a big challenge for you.

“The file xmlparse.dll is missing.”
“Cannot find [PATH]\xmlparse.dll”
“This application failed to start because xmlparse.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

These are the common error messages that pop up on your computer screen when you are encountering the xmlparse.dll error, but most people would not know what’s happening on their computer, before starting to take measures to fix this error, let’s get a short learning about the error problem on general computer.

Xmlparse.dll is a dynamic link library that usually used by ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger with those data stored in XML, which is a place that containing structured contents like images and characters, it manages to deliver these contents in the Web world.

Why the error problem would occur on your computer?

The xmlparse.dll error occurring on different computers would have different reasons, these circumstances are all the most common ones that cause the error issue on your PC: windows settings are modified or corrupted without your knowing; xmlparse.dll file are removed from your computer system; related registries are corrupted or damaged; and an improper uninstallation of program…

What are the serious consequences after encountering xmlparse.dll error?

  • Cannot send or receive some images and characters correctly
  • ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger cannot perform effectively on PC
  • Related programs cannot operate on the computer
  • Error messages will always come out on the computer without your control
  • Low CPU usage
  • Windows start up or shutdown irregularly

How to get rid of xmlparse.dll error effectively?

Step one – Update Windows

To guarantee all of the functions and programs can perform well and smoothly on the computer, you should update your Windows instantly in the daily use of the computer, which would improve its compatibility as well as the ability to enhance the computer system performance.

  • Firstly, click to open the Start menu, and choose “All Programs”
  • Secondly, choose “Windows Update”
  • Thirdly, following the instruction to install the update
  • Lastly, reboot your computer

Step two – Manually replace the file on computer

If the real cause locates on the corruption or dismissed of xmlparse.dll file, installing on the default location a new and valid one to install the old one is also a feasible way to solve this problem. You can get a new file from copying from other computer or downloading from the Internet, and please remember that you should install the file properly and do not modify any content and setting on the operating system, otherwise, there will be more serious problems wait for you.

If you think that this is too difficult for you to manually replace the file, and if the error still cannot be fixed after inviting a new file on your computer. Try the following way.

Step three – Perform a fix for registry errors

Registry is a place that closely relate to many computer performances as well as those various system errors, it contains a lot of registry files that can effective support the operation of applications and system, but when the large number of registry files containing in one place is also easy to create some troubles due to the disorder or corruption of some registries, and those associated applications will easily be affected on the computer. This is the reason why so many system errors like xmlparse.dll error is actually and often caused by the related registry corruption, therefore, it is suggested to invite a registry optimizer to perform a registry error fix on your computer system, which will help you to fix xmlparse.dll error automatically on your PC.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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