Wscntfy.exe Error Fix – How to Fix Wscntfy.exe Error Properly

If you are a computer users with enough computer security knowledge, you must know the importance of the wscntfy.exe file on your computer, it is defined as an indispensable component of the Windows Security Center Notify Application which is published by Microsoft Corporation, and specialized in protecting the computer from malicious viruses.

Wscntfy.exe is responsible for managing the firewall, auto updates and those virus protection utilities to protect your computer all the time, it can effectively and instantly check the current security situation of the computer system and make sure your PC’s security and stability. Therefore, you can imagine that if there is something wrong with this wscntfy.exe, how many serious consequences your computer will face with.

Consequences of wscntfy.exe being corrupted:

  • Cause the computer system sharply slow down, and sometimes result in system freeze or crash
  • Presence of Blue Screen of Death
  • High CPU usage
  • Virus or malware infection
  • Cause other kinds of system errors
  • Disable the Security Center service
  • Associated error messages often pop up on the screen, like “wscntfy.exe failed to initialize” or “Application failed to initialize properly or specified module could not be found.”

Main reasons of encountering wscntfy.exe error on computer?

  • Being ‘hijacked’ by malicious viruses such as W32/Spelit-A or Troj/Banker-FZ
  • Accidentally damage or delete the wscntfy.exe
  • Associated registry errors become obscure or dismissed
  • Incompatible, corrupted, or outdated version of driver files
  • Hardware components get corrupted

Ways can support you fix wscntfy.exe error

You can try to fix it by yourself (suggested for computer whizzes )

In order to completely repair wscntfy.exe error problem on your computer, you should take every possible cause into account, and conduct the repair solution for all possible reasons.

One – eliminate the viruses may exist on your computer

If the wscntfy.exe error is just caused by some malicious viruses infection they are not instantly cleaned out from your computer system, all you do for the error repair maybe result in vain. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a complete check for your computer system, if there are some viruses or threats are proven on your computer, you should get rid of them without any delay. What’s more, to prevent being invaded by more other outside attackers, you should make sure that the security program on your computer is always able to get the newest version and provide the real-time protection for your computer system.

Two – update your computer driver

Many people may often neglect or don’t know that the out-off-date driver is every easy to make computer system cannot detect or read the related system file it requires like wscntfy.exe at that time, so if the virus removal cannot help you to fix wscntfy.exe error, you will need to go to update your driver for a try, and it is suggested to make a setting that allow the computer driver update automatically.

Three – install a new wscntfy.exe file on your computer system

If the above two solutions still do not work for repairing wscntfy.exe error, it may due to the EXE file on your computer has been corrupted or deleted, so you can go to download a new file on the Internet (recommend the Microsoft related website), and install on its default location on your computer system to instead the old one. If you are just a common computer user with limited computer experience, you must be very cautious for your performance on the system, if some essential files are modified or removed by mistakes, you will need to solve other more serious system problems on your PC.

Or try to fix it by registry fixer (fit for common users)

If you don’t want the wscntfy.exe error fixing process involves too many complex manual operations and hope it can be more simplified, inviting a powerful registry fixer must be the best choice for you. Windows registry is a crucial part of the computer system and stores all of important registries, files and options, if there is an essential file got corrupted or infected, it will make the computer system cannot work properly for failing to read the required file, if you want the wscntfy.exe error problem can be solved effectively, you should take actions to repair the registry on your computer.

Totally different from the manual wscntfy.exe error fix, with a registry fixer, the registry error identification, repair and subsequent system optimization can all be managed and fixed in a friendly designed interface with a simple guide, which is absolutely an all-in-one equipment for many common computer users. So it must be the most convenient way for the people to fix wscntfy.exe error in nowadays.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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