Wmiprvse.exe Error Fix – Instructions to Fix Wmiprvse.exe Error Properly and Quickly

Wmiprvse.exe, a process of Windows Management Instrumentation, is an important Microsoft Windows-based component that is responsible for controlling and offering necessary information for the management of an enterprise environment. It can effectively make providers to load into a separate host process when the provider fail and all of services are forcedly ceased. So it is obvious that the wmiprvse.exe is a file that should not be rewritten, removed or disable on the computer system.

“Wmiprvse.exe-Application error
The instruction at “0x7c911e58″ reference memory at “0×000000000″

Where does the wmiprvse.exe error result from?

People often feel surprised and wondering when the wmiprvse.exe error message display on screen when they are using the computer, and it actually can be found that this error problem on your computer maybe due to one or some of the following reasons:

  • The wmiprvse.exe file on your computer has been corrupted or deleted
  • Malicious viruses invade your computer system
  • Related registry entries have been damaged or dismissed from your computer
  • Windows settings has been modified improperly
  • Illegal entries exist on the system and impede the process from running

What are negative consequences when encountering the error

  • Annoying error message will constantly pop up on the computer
  • CPU will be taken up 100% usage
  • Block your access to the hard driver as well as “Task Bar”
  • Computer system often restart automatically
  • Your will get a negative system performance on the computer

What are effective ways can fix wmiprvse.exe error?

One – system check and virus removal

There is a virus named “W32/Sonebot-B” that usually sneaks to your computer system, and change or disable your wmiprvse.exe file, thereby make the troublesome wmiprvse.exe error on your computer. Therefore, to protect the system from this kind of virus and secure your computer well, you should equip your computer with a powerful and effective antivirus program, and allow it to get the automatic and instant update, which can protect your computer and remove the infected viruses from the system effectively.

Two – Use HotFix From Microsoft to fix 100% CPU usage

In recently, Microsoft published a “937882″ hotfix that can effectively support the computer user to resolve many of problems caused by wmiprvse.exe error which including the 100% CPU usage on the PC. So it is suggested to firstly download the component form Microsoft’s website, and install it on the computer. It is possible that this method just can help you to fix miprvse.exe error on your PC.

Three – block the file by your Firewall

If the wmiprvse.exe error still cannot be fixed after you conducting a serious of resolutions, you should consider to firstly block the file on your computer for preventing it causing any further problems on the system. And in order to block the file, you need to go to the Firewall through System Toolbar, and make sure the executable file is blocked by your Firewall and cannot loading.

Four – registry file fix

From those various reasons could cause the wmiprvse.exe error on computer system, it is no difficult to find that like many system errors, registry errors are the most common one that would result in this annoying error problem. Therefore, to fix wmiprvse.exe error, you should need to check your Windows operating system, and fix those associated registry issues on your computer. And when considering the registry database is a highly important place on the computer system, it is recommended to download and install a registry fixer on your PC, and scan your computer for repairing wmiprvse.exe error as early as possible.

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