What’s the Way to Fix Mstscax.dll Error on PC

fix mstscax.dll error

Mstscax.dll error messages:

“This application failed to start because mstscax.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
“Cannot find mstscax.dll”
Dll Registration: Failed for file C:\WINDOWS\System32\mstscax.dll

Do you often get such error notifications on your computer? Have you found any good idea or solution to solve this problem well? Many people may encounter this problem on the computer, no matter you have encountered this problem or not, it is necessary to learn something about the mstscax.dll error fix for a rainy day.

What’s mstscax.dll file?

Mstscax.dll, also named Remote Desktop Services ActiveX Client or mstscax, is designed by Microsoft Corporation as a useful DLL file that used to support many programs operations such as Symantec Client Management Suite and Mozilla 2.0a1pre.

Mstscax.dll error

When the computer encounters mstscax.dll error, you will get the error message on your computer. And these error massages chiefly tell you the mstscax.dll file is missing, damaged or has other problems, if you want to run the related programs and Windows system features normally, you should firstly recover this DLL file on the system, otherwise, more and more serious problems will come out on your PC:

  • The mstscax.dll error will often cause the serious blue screen of death (BSOD)
  • CPU/Memory often gets a high usage
  • Mstscax.dll error and other associated registry error messages will always bombard the computer
  • Being not able to use many applications which require the mstscax.dll file
  • Computer operates very slowly and easily results in freeze up

How can fix mstscax.dll error quickly on computer?

Repairing the mstscax.dll error on computer is actually not a hard work to accomplished, but the pre-condition will be finding the specific cause of the error. Otherwise, you may need to try all of possible solutions on your computer.

Driver outdated solution – update the Remote Desktop Services ActiveX Client driver

If the outdated driver is just the simple cause of the mstscax.dll error, upgrade the Remote Desktop Services ActiveX Client driver will help you to fix this error issue quickly and effectively. But this is not a workable solution for all of possible causes and situations of the error problem occurring on the computer.

Virus invasion solution – clean out all of infected viruses

When your computer is unluckily infected by rogue applications or virus, the mstscax.dll file is also probably compromised by the malicious invaders. And as we all know that virus infection is a big program on the computer. To protect your computer and personal privacy instantly, you should check your computer system and remove those invaders as soon as possible. To avoid the DLL files or other components on the computer to be damaged again by the dangerous virus or malware, you should update your antivirus program regularly, and activate the real-time protection for your computer.

Registry errors solution – scan and fix all of system registry errors

Many DLL error issues, including the mstscax.dll error, are cause by the registry error problems. When there are some system registries get corrupted, or deleted for your improper behaviors on the computer, those related programs and processes will be terminated or disabled on the computer until you make these registry files back to normal. Therefore, to fix mstscax.dll error, you should scan your computer system for registry errors, and fix them completely to recover these registry files. Here, it is highly recommended to perform the registry fix with a third party registry cleaner, which can easily clean out those errors issues within a few minutes.

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