What is WatchDog.sys – How to Fix WatchDog.sys Error

WatchDog.sys error is commonly happens in Windows base computer, and would lead to consequences such as system slowness, freeze , crash, and the most widely known is blue screen of death, in a word, whenever you encounter this error, your computer will start acting strange like preventing you from doing something like launching certain program/application or opening certain files. Before you trying to fix WatchDog.sys error, you may need to know a bit more information about the file and what cause you the error.

WatchDog.sys file info and error causes

WatchDog.sys is a vital system file used by the Microsoft DOS and operating systems, basically every Windows computer has this file, it contains codes for the hardware device drivers in your computer to execute properly, and that explains why WatchDog.sys error has such big impact over the system.

If you come across WatchDog.sys error, it usually indicates something wrong happened to the WatchDog.sys file, for instants the file was removed accidentally, damaged or become corrupt, this error can also be caused by the Inter Processor Interrupt (IPI) mechanism, corrupt hardware drivers, registry problem, virus infection and more.

How to fix WatchDog.sys error

WatchDog.sys error should be fixed promptly before more problems appear, no matter what kind of reason that brought the error, one of the below methods should help you to fix it.

Restarting your computer
Once you encounter WatchDog.sys error or any other types of dll/exe error, the first thing you should attempt is to restart your computer, sounds too easy to believe? Sometimes the error is only caused by a temporary system halt and should be gone after a system reboot.

Conduct a virus scan.
WatchDog.sys was originally stored in the system directory of C:\windows\system32, if you found the file in other location, your computer is likely sufferfing from virus infection. There are several kinds of threats like virus, Trojan, spyware are able to damage or or disguise the WatchDog.sys file once your computer was infected by them. To solve the virus problem, you’ll need to run a full virus scan over the system with trusted antivirus program, then click remove button to clean all the found threats.

Uninstall the program that triger the error
If the error only happen when you open certain program, this program may contains damaged/corrupted file that triger the error, you can try to reinstall the program to get the WatchDog.sys error fixed. It is suggested to uninstall the program first from the Add/Remove program first before the reinstallation.

Use system restore function.
The Windows system restore function can help you to fix almost any major system problem, if you have created a restore point, you can follow the below steps to proceed:

  • Click Start, go to All program
  • Click Accessories > System Tools > System restore
  • Click the option of “Restore My Computer to An Earlier Time” and click Next button.
  • Select a restore point which you believe is previous to the error happening and click Next button again.
  • Carry on the system restore by following the wizard.

If you didn’t created a valid restore point, or the system restore failed to fix the error, please move on to the next solution.

Update your computer drivers
You can have a check on the drivers of your computer to see if there are outdated ones, if you found updated drivers, go download the latest version from the internet, and the use the Windows Device Manager to install the new driver. Here we go:

  • Go to Start > Control Panel
  • Click Administrative Tools > Computer Management
  • Click Device Manager in the left side of the Computer Management window
  • Now you can see all the device info are displayed in the right hand column.
  • Click the [+] sign to navigate the hardware categories.
  • Locate the target hardware you want to update.
  • Right click on it and select Properties.
  • Click the “Driver” tab and click the “Update Driver” button
  • Now the driver update wizard is open, you can follow the instruction to install the new driver.
  • Restart your computer.

Clean up disk fragments
Disk fragments can be created through daily computer use, too much disk fragments can result in problems like poor system performance, slow data reading & writing speed, and prevent the system from accessing certain system file successfully, WatchDog.sys error will likely occur under such circumstance.To clean up all those disk fragment, you can apply the Windows defragment tool by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragment. If your computer haven’t been defragged for a long time, performing a disk defragment could properly cost you a few hours. For users who are not willing to wait that long, they can use third party defragment tools which can help you to shorten the defragment time to some degree.

Clean up and fix registry
Almost every computer has registry problems, whether it is server or not directly determines what kind of system problems it would lead to, the WatchDog.sys error is quite a good example that can be caused by registry problem. As it is nearly impossible for human being to manually remove all the corrupt/invalid/wasted data in the Windows registry, a reliable registry cleaner is needed to help you with this issue. Simply perform the below steps to fix the registry and WatchDog.sys error.

  • Click here to download registry fix tool
  • Double click the downloaded file and follow the instruction to install it in your computer
  • Click Scan button to diagnose your computer for registry problems and system errors.
  • Click Fix button to fix WatchDog.sys error and other found problems.

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