Troubleshoot and Fix Dfsvc.exe Error Well on PC


Problems with dfsvc.exe on the computer often make the people crazy, for that they have to face the constantly popping error messages, and also fails to use some applications and features on the PC. Therefore, taking a good way to fix dfsvc.exe error is very important and necessary.

Dfsvc.exe file is indispensable for the Windows system for executing the Active Server Pages in Mozilla and Crimson Skies in the system. The file error problem will affect many effective performances on the PC, such as:

  • High CPU usage and memory in Task Manager
  • Various associated DLL error issues
  • Blue Screen of Death error (BSOD)
  • Windows startup problem
  • The .NET Framework program fails to work
  • System registry errors

Blue Screen of Death error is a big and common problem of the dfsvc.exe error, it will stop the computer running in a sudden and present the blue screen instead, which is a very serious and dangerous situation for the computer system. Therefore, if you get the error notification on the PC, please take immediate actions to fix dfsvc.exe error well.

Repair and fix dfsvc.exe error with effective guides

One – update .NET

As a part of the Window update system, the Microsoft company usually release some updates for improving the .NET Framework program, so you haven’t been installed any update for this utility, please go to the Microsoft download resource, and install the available update on your PC. Then you will refresh is program and avoid those problems and fix dfsvc.exe error which are caused by the .NET outdated issue. If the .NET is probably corrupted and refused to be updated, however, you should get rid of the current .NET program, and install a brand new one on your PC.

Two – repair the associated DLL files

If the error message often indicates that this EXE error is caused by some DLL files cannot be found on the computer, you should consider to re-register or reinstall the DLL file.

How to re-register a DLL file on Windows system

  • Click on Start > Run
  • Type “CMD” in the running box to open the Command Prompt
  • Type “regsvr_filename” in the black screen to register the DLL module

How to reinstall the DLL file

  • Get a new DLL file from another computer with the same system or from the Internet
  • Open the default location on this DLL file, put the new file at there
  • Back to the desktop, and register the newly install file on the Windows system

Three – repair registry problems to fix dfsvc.exe error

The overuse of some system registries often cause the corrupted or damaged registry issue, which ultimately cause the related file error problems on the computer. Therefore, in order to fix dfsvc.exe error in this case, please check your system registry situation with a reliable registry error fix tool, then repair the registry issues completely with its automatic repairing utility.

  • Launch a good registry error fix tool on your PC
  • Scan for the registry issues on the system
  • Click to fix all of these issues

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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