Toshiba Error f3-f100-0010 – Error Causes and Solution to Fix it

Error f3-f100-0010 is a error commonly happens in toshiba desktop/laptop, many people complains that they encounter toshiba Error f3-f100-0010 and found no way to get it fixed, if you are now reading this article, maybe you are one of the victim of Error f3-f100-0010, luckily you’ve come to the right place, here I’ll put your nightmare into an end, follow the below given solutions you’ll be able to troubleshooting the Error f3-f100-0010 on your toshiba computer easily.

How does the error occur

Error f3-f100-0010 can be caused by several different reasons as below:

  • The drive of your computer is too fragmented or dead.
  • Your computer may suffered from virus attack
  • The CMOS Battery is malfunction
  • The Windows registry is corrupted and not working properly.

Solutions to fix toshiba Error f3-f100-0010

According to different causes there are several solutions available to help you troubleshot the error in your computer, if you are not very clear what exactly caused the Error f3-f100-0010, simply try the below solutions by one by, there should be one suitable for your case.

Defragment your hard drive

Hard drive fragment can be created through various computer operations such as copying and paste files/folder, deleting files/folder, installing/removing application and more, the accumulate of hard drive fragment will grow bigger and bigger over time, and then your computer may start to experience strange system errors, blue screen, system freeze or crash, Error f3-f100-0010 is one of the problem caused by fragmented hard drive, you need to defragment the drive to fix the error as well as prevent it from happening again, the defragment can be done by using Microsoft tools, you can access to the tool through Start > Program > Accessories > System Tool > Defragment.

Detect threat infection

Many computer errors /problems are associated with virus/spyware/malware infection, if your computer does not have any security program installed before getting the toshiba Error f3-f100-0010, and beside getting this error, you also noticed other strange things happen in your computer such as receiving pop-up adds from time to time, the download speed is unusually slow, or certain system settings was changed without your notice, then your computer might had been attacked by virus, you need to get a reliable security program to detect and remove the possible infection on your computer, this could help in terminating the Error f3-f100-0010.

Replace the CMOS Battery

If you suspect that the error was related to CMOS Battery problem, you can try to replace the old CMOS Battery with a new one, remember before the replacement, write down the CMOS battery information & setting such as size, volt, after you done the replacement, enter the CMOS settings again to get it function.

Repair the Windows registry

People who is experiencing the Error f3-f100-0010 may think that it could be a hardware-related problem, however this error can also be caused by registry problems, if you found the problem still happening even you had tried out the above solutions, you may need to have a check on your computer registry. At this point some people might confuse about what is registry, simply speaking, registry is the core of Windows which is the most important component, it stores data of all hardware and software in your computer, it basically controls every function of Windows, however, registry can sometimes become bloated as too much data was written in it, part of them are useless which were left behind from the removal of software/application/driver, you can run Registry Nuke to directly clean the registry and repair any existing corruption problem, this could most like help you fix the Error f3-f100-0010 error.


John McDowell Windows Certified Expert

John McDowell is an professional computer engineer who currently running his own computer company. He has over 12 years computer experience and would like to share his personal tips and knowledge about computer maintenance and problem troubleshooting to anybody who needs it.

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