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fix error code 35

What’s wrong with my computer and always displays an error code 35? How can I fix error code 35 well and recover the PC? If you have such a common question of the Windows error, this post will be a good resource for you to make clear about this problem and resolve it.

General notifications of the error:

  • “BIOS does not contain necessary resource assignments
    Obtain the latest BIOS update.”
  • “Your computer’s system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or BIOS update. Code 35″


Error description:

Error 35 is a Windows system issue usually related to the configuration problems of BIOS or device manager, besides, other issues like corrupt system file, updated Windows system and virus infection are also the possible reasons for the error issue. And one should fix error code 35 as early as possible on the PC, otherwise, these problems will be triggered to make you unable to enjoy the wonderful computer’s performance:

  • Invalid system service and DLL files appear
  • Additional device driver issue, system registry issue and runtime error
  • Computer and installed programs often get freezing
  • Blue Screen of Death

Want to totally get rid of these problems on your computer? Let’s start to take actions to fix error code 35 well on the PC with the following tutorials.

Steps enable you to fix error code 35 on your PC

Step one – check System security and remove infected viruses

As computer user, we can’t deny that virus infection is always a big trouble for the machine, personal information being stolen, important files and programs being damaged, system configurations and settings being modified, all negative things are possible to be triggered by the malicious virus on computer. Therefore, please firstly conduct a thorough check for your comptuer system’s security with a sophisticated and famous antivirus program, if it detects some dangerous files or components on the PC, you should remove them completely and immediately.

If it does not help you fix error code 35 and continue to receive the annoying error message, please go to the second step.

Step two – update the BIOS


Windows error 35 is frequently related to the BIOS (basic input/output system) configuration problem on the computer, which you often can find some details in the error notification, in order to troubleshoot the BIOS issue and then fix error code 35 effectively, please try the following instructions to update the BIOS on your Windows system:

Since the BIOS versions are different from different computer Windows system, you should go to check your specific BIOS version before start updating.

  • Click on Start menu, click “Run” to activate the running text box
  • Type “msinfo32″ in the box, and hit Enter
  • Click on System Summary to view your specific BIOS version

After that, please back up your important data and the current BIOS for precaution, and then start to update the BIOS.


  • Visit the manufacturer’s website of your computer’s motherboard, find and download the available BIOS update and any related documentation which contains the guidelines and notifications
  • Read the documentation carefully, then double-click on the executable file of the update
  • Click on Update or Run button to continue the update
  • Process the update with instructions, and the computer will restart automatically when the update is finished.

Really hope this resolution and help you repair and fix error code 35, if it fails to do so, please turn to the step 3.

Step three – run “sfc” to fix corrupt system file


System File Checker is a utility on the Windows system that easily neglected by many computer users, actually, it is a very useful handy tool to help you restore those corrupted or invalid Windows system files. Please try this way to repair your problematic system files, which is often a feasible way to help you fix error code 35.

  • Active and open the Windows search box on the computer
  • Type “command” in the search text box, holding CTRL-Shift and press the Enter key
  • Confirm your action if it requires you to do a confirmation
  • Then a new black window will display, type “sfc /scannow” and press Enter
  • System File Checker will be activated at that time and try to fix the system file issues

Step four – install available device driver update


To fix error code 35, you should also check your Device Manager error, when there are some information missing or associated configurations are incorrect, related Windows system features and utilities will be affected and cause the error 35, therefore, please try to open your Device Manager, and update all of device drivers on the computer. A good driver updater is also available to help you do to so.

Step five – clean registry issues to fix error code 35


Invalid or missing system registry often cause some processes and functions cannot perform effectively on the PC when it is required, thus the error 35 will easily be cause and cannot be avoided on your computer. In this situation, you should find out these problematic registries, and try to repair them well on the system. And a professional registry fix tool will be a good assistant for you to handle this kind of problem, which enable you to find out the system registry issues quickly, and thus fix error code 35 on your computer.

If you want to avoid many of these errors on your Windows system, please taking good care of your System Registry, it is always an important place that you should protect well.


Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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