Suggestions to Fix Winlogon.exe Error on Windows System


Process file winlogon.exe is a important component of Windows login manager that responsible for processing windows user log-in and log-out procedures, so it must not be terminated or deleted on the computer, otherwise, you should spend much of time and energy to fix winlogon.exe error in order to recover your computer system.

Winlogon.exe error messages:

“winlogon.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close”
“The instruction at referenced memory at . The memory could not be read/written”

When you are logging in or logging off from your Windows system, the winlogon.exe stops responding and displays such a similar error notification, and you are certainly encountering an error issue with this file on your computer. In order to fix winlogon.exe error to recover the Windows log-in and log-on feature, you should do a check and fix for the associated files and applications now.

What would lead to this EXE error issue on your PC

  • Mistakenly removal or corruption of some associated system registries
  • Outdated or conflict issue of drivers on the computer
  • System 32 files are corrupted
  • Associated DLL file error issues
  • Windows system shut down unexpectedly
  • Outdated Windows system issue

It is necessary to fix winlogon.exe error as quickly as possible on the PC, otherwise, many other problems and issues will be triggered which will be much more dangerous for your Windows system situation.

Effective instructions to fix winlogon.exe error

Repair system registry issues


Windows registry is a central database on the computer which provides various kinds of data, configurations and options to keeping the operation of different processes and features on the computer. Registry problem can cause a lot of hot issues on the Windows system, like DLL or EXE error, system crash, Blue Screen of Death error and computer freeze-up. Therefore, to fix winlogon.exe error, you should consider to conduct a fix for your system registry problems, and a sophisticated registry fix tool will be a good helper for you.

Taking a good registry fixer to deal with EXE error is the most popular method in nowadays, for that this automatic program is able to help the user to find out all of problematic registries on the Windows system, then offer the advanced repairing feature to get them fixed well in a short time. If you have few knowledge about system registry, taking a good registry fix tool will be the best choice for you to fix winlogon.exe error associated to the registry problem.

Install available driver updates

Outdated related drivers especially the Windows Logon Application driver is also the cause of winlogon.exe error on the computer, because many features and components easily fail to operate for the ineffective driver performance. So you should go to check the available updates of drivers from the official website of the drivers publisher or a third party driver optimizer, and install all of available updates for your computer drivers.

Fix problematic system files to fix winlogon.exe error

With the frequent use of computer, many problems and issues will gradually be generated, which including the system file errors and problems. As a system file that control the Windows log-in and log-off features, it is also damaged or some other associated system files being corrupted. In this case, you should perform a check and fix for the problematic system files with the Windows attached System File Checker.

  • Click on “Start” — “Run” — type “SFC/SCANNOW” — Press ENTER



  • In this way, you will be able to open the System File Checker, and it will start to check for the corrupt system files and try to repair them automatically
  • When it is finished, exist the System File Checker and restart your computer system

System File Checker is an useful utility on the Windows system that capable of repairing many system file problems well for free, besides fix winlogon.exe error, if you come across other Windows file problems on the computer, you can consider to perform a scan and fix for the corrupt system files with this utility.

Update your Windows system to the newest version

Outdated Windows system often means that there are some outdated or invalid files, features and configurations inside the computer, which easily cause the failure of many Windows-based applications and file operations on the computer, this is also the common reason why the winlogon.exe process stop responding on the computer. Therefore you should update your Windows system to the newest version via downloading and installing the newest version from the Microsoft website, or you can set the automatic update for the Windows system as follow:

  • Click on Start button — All Programs — Windows update


  • Click Change PC settings on the left pane
  • Set to install the update automatically via the pull-down menu under “Important update” section

Thus, you will be able to fix winlogon.exe error via updating your Windows system.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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