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fix error code 39

Error code 39 is a Windows problem that usually related to the drive issue, and people often realize this error on their PCs via the notification like “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)” or “USB ports and devices not working (Code 39)”, can’t find a way to stop and fix error code 39 on your computer? Start to learn a good way to resolve it right now.


Error description

When the CD-ROM drive is not visible on the computer, you may find a yellow exclamation mark next to the device in Device Manager, if you double click on the device to activate it for a try, you the associated error notification will display and the device drive also cannot be used. And this notification will keep appearing on the PC once you try to use the associated feature or function, so you should think a way to stop this message and fix error code 39 well.

What may cause the error code on Windows system

  • A temporary error (incorrect system start-up or operation) occurs on the PC
  • Latest driver you installed is not compatible with your Windows operating system
  • Associated driver on your PC is out-of-date
  • Virus infection issue
  • System registry issue cause the driver cannot perform correctly

For many common users, they may not know well about the computer system and driver, so it is a difficult for people to troubleshoot and fix error code 39 even thought they get to know what cause this error issue on their PCs. So now, let’s start to learn how can resolve the error with the following tips.

Fix error code 39 with effective resolutions below

1. Restart your computer system

Sometimes the error 39 issue is just a temporary problem on your computer, which is caused by the incorrect system start-up or the system itself encountering an error during the operation, you can firstly try to fix error code 39 via restarting your computer system (if you didn’t try to do so), if the error message or yellow exclamation mark next to the device disappears, you will be able to get rid of this problem. If it still does not work, please try the following options to get it fixed.

2. Update the driver from the Device Manager

In the daily use of computer, many people do not realize that the those device drivers in Device Manager, some they maybe get out-of-date on your computer. So, to fix error code 39, please try to update your drivers to the latest version, and there are three ways available for getting the newest version on your drivers:

  • Download the latest update from the specific manufacturer’s website, if you know what’s the vendor as well as the official website
  • Open your Device Manager and install the update for a specific driver
  • Make use a reliable utility which is specialized in optimizing and updating the driver automatically

3.Uninstall or reinstall the related driver

Since the error code 39 often indicates a problem to a specific drive on the Windows system, you can try to uninstall the driver on your computer to avoid this error issue, after then, you can choose to reinstall it if it is necessary for you.

Steps to uninstall a drive on your PC:

  • Right-click on the Windows button on the bottom left corner of desktop, select Device Manager


  • Locate the device which causes this problem, and click on it
  • Go to the Properties box, and go to the Drivers tab
  • Click on the Uninstall button, and follow the prompts to finish the removal


  • Restart your computer system

If you want to install the drive again, please continue the following steps:

  • After restarting the computer, please open the Device Manager again
  • Click on Action, and Scan for Hardware Changes


  • Follow the instruction to finish the procedure, and then try to use the hardware again
  • You will be able to fix error code 39 is it is caused by the driver problem


4. Clean virus attack on your PC

Many troublesome and serious problems could be caused by the virus infection on the computer, when your computer is attacked by malicious viruses or threats without your knowing, some problems and errors will be caused and create many issues on the PC. In this case, you should do a thorough check for your computer’s system for the virus attack issue. If some malware or suspicious files/programs are detected, to fix error code 39, you should remove them as quickly as possible on your computer.

5. Figure out registry issues with advanced utility to fix error code 39


In addition to the above possible causes of error 39, registry problem is also a big cause for the issue on the Windows system, in order to fix error code 39 with this problem, you will need an advanced utility to help you scan and fix the registry problem well.

Some people may be suggested to manually delete some registry keys to resolve this problem, such as remove the the key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}” or invalid “UpperFilters” registry value. However, I personally do not suggest you to manual modify the System Registry, because you may not know more about this system’s database, and you may easily delete the wrong registry which deteriorate the computer’s situation. Therefore, taking a professional registry fix utility will be much safer and easier to fix error code 39 effectively.


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