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There are thousands of programs on the internet that claim to make your computer faster, but actually only few of them work as they said. Among the programs we reviewed, we found that SpeedyPC Pro performs the best in our criterion. If you want to get more out of your PC, I’m sure Speedy PC Pro is just the thing. It is not only an outstanding registry cleaner, you can find a full package of tools in this program that optimize your computer in every possible way, it’s much more powerful, effective and comprehensive than the previous version. You may consider SpeedyPC Pro a PC cleaning, protection, repair and optimization toolbox. The team who developed SpeedyPC Pro not only focus on the feature value, but also on the user experience quality, with the user- friendly and well-organized interface, you will find it actually very easy to handle. All these factors make Speedy PC Pro the most competitive PC optimization programs in the market.

Detailed features

Let’s take a look at what we got in this fancy tool box. Speedy PC Pro is designed as a registry cleaner, but it does more than a regular one. We run the system scan on our test PC, it is an error PC full of registry problem, Speedy PC Pro is able to finish the scan within only 2 minutes, and the result is fairly good enough, it only missed a few minor errors. After fixed all the problems and rerun the scan, problems are all gone for clean, and system reaction is faster and smoother than before. Besides, Speedy PC Pro has the ability to scan and remove malware infection, that means you don’t need to pay extra money to get another security program once you have this program in hand, sounds amazing? Yes it is! Unfortunately we did not have malware resources in our tested computer, so we can not give a positive conclusion about this feature, but base on the users’ comments in many software forums I visited, this feature is a real deal.

We also notice that Speedy PC Pro can find out clutter and junk files in the system scan. Over time, your PC fills up with wasted junk files, temporary items and clutter, these useless items could take up a lot of space, to remove them means to free more drive space on your computer, and better performance will be gained. In our case of scan, Speedy PC Pro digged out 1080 problems in the junk file & clutter section, and free the computer 884MB of space after the clean, and that was quite impressive.

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Base on the observation, we consider that Speedy PC Pro does the registry cleaner job very well. But what truly blown us away is the other features come along with this program. Speedy PC Pro provides excellent backup utility, with this feature, the important file in your computer can be well protected against accidental hard drive failure or system crash. With the startup manager, you can easily manage the startup items by removing or disabling them so as to reduce the computer booting time significantly. And these are just a few of the functions that Speedy PC Pro has to offer, you can find other tools in this very program like the confidential information protection, ActiveX error remover, process manager, file manager, BHO manager, comprehensive virus protection and the unique memory defragmenter. Speak to memory defragmenter, few people know that, computer memory is actually the same as hard drive that needs to be defragged periodically, otherwise memory can be wear down over time. To defrag memory regularly can eliminate this problem effectively. Speedy PC Pro thoughtfully provides memory defragmenter feature, we tested this tool and it worked pretty well. Overall, Speedy PC Pro is just like a all-in-one toolkit that has nearly everything you need to manage, optimize and protect your computer.

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According to the survey, the average price of the popular registry cleaners in the market is around $40, as there are so many great features packed in one single program, especially the anti-threat feature that Speedy PC Pro has, take a look around the internet, a good security program can easily cost you 50 dollars or even more. Consider all these factor, we assumed that the price of Speedy PC Pro could a little bit higher than other similar product, but to our surprise, the price is actually the same as its previous version– Speedy PC, and is even cheaper than other registry cleaner, which is only $29.97. Yes you are right, you can own a well-designed registry cleaner plus an effective antivirus program as well as several other useful optimization tools within only 30 bucks, Insane value!

What’s more, Speedy PC Pro is one of the few products that provides free trial download, with a free trial, Speedy PC Pro ensures that there is nothing to hide, users are allowed to experience the program first before they decide whether to purchase it, this strategy is different from some other similar registry cleaning tools in the market, the team behind Speedy PC Pro decide to let the users evaluating the product on their own instead of over puffing itself through the internet ads, this genuine marketing tactic should be appreciated. And that is one of the reason we gave Speedy PC Pro a high rating.

User experience

Perhaps there are concerns about whether such comprehensive program are hard to handle, as many people would think that word ‘Pro’ means for expert or advanced computer users, actually that’s not true, all the functions of Speedy PC Pro are organized pretty well, the program will start the scan automatically once it is launched, after the scan finish, there is voice prompt telling you how many problems are found and what you need to do, plus the one click fix feature, you will find that repair and optimize your computer has never been easier.


If you till wondering which registry cleaner to pick, we strongly recommend you to try out Speedy PC Pro, for its excellent functionality and insane value, we believe this is the one you should pick.

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John McDowell Windows Certified Expert

John McDowell is an professional computer engineer who currently running his own computer company. He has over 12 years computer experience and would like to share his personal tips and knowledge about computer maintenance and problem troubleshooting to anybody who needs it.

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