Speed Up Computer – Tips to Optimize Your Computer Speed!


Speed up computer is very important, because you need a fast computer to do many daily tasks like write checks to pay your bills, do your tax returns online, mange your emails, and maintain relations with your friends on social networks.


Those things may sound very simple to you; however, when you running programs, surfing the Internet, or playing games on your computer. These activities take up disk space and using a lot of memory, they also produce a bunch useless data inside the registry. As the days goes these accumulated junk data will lower your computer’s over all performance and speed eventually. Can you image what could happen if you are running on a slow computer? Late on payment or could not reply to a business email due to computer slowdown is not an excuse people will accept.


What could happen if not to do so?

If you do nothing to speed up your PC, you might find that the average wait time is a bit longer than usual every time when you open a new web page. Software program takes a while to execute a file or a command. Response time to mouse click is longer even you don’t have any applications running on your desktop.

What could an user do to speed up computer?

Computer becomes slow when it has less memory and hard disk space to use; therefore, to speed up the computer, first thing you could try is to run a disk clean up by going to Start menu > All programs > Disk Cleanup. This tool is going to scan all the disk on your computer, and find any unused files or useless update which takes up space. Once the scan is finished, hitting the delete button will erase all the junk data found on your disk.


Another tool you can try to use to optimize your computer speed is disk defragmentner tool. Simply go to Start menu > All programs > Disk Defragmentner. This tool will scan your entire hard drive, and release a lot of hard drive space by putting each single data fragment into one complete sector.

Viruses and other third party unwanted spyware could also affect your PC’s performance. Good news is, Microsoft provided most Windows user a build-in tool to deal with them. This tool is called Windows Defender, it will scan your computer for any potential malware(what is malware?) and virus.

Removing unused software and startup items could also help increase computer speed. A computer has to check many items during a normal boot up sequence; before it reaches the Windows login screen, some processes are already running in background, because Windows have to launch programs as soon as user login into desktop. If the bootup sequence is shorten, your computer speed will increase significantly. Simply click Start menu > All programs > Startup to remove unnecessary items.


Clear Windows system registry is also a good way to increase computer speed. However, clear computer registry is an impossible task without utility tools; because most user do not know what the registry is and does, thus, any mistake when touching registry could lead to many issues such as system error, startup error, even worse, computer is not able to load any programs.

Just to name a few tips above to let you get started, doing those things will help increase your computer speed and performance. If you search the term “speed up computer” in Google, you will find plenty of how-to speed up computer guides in the result page, and probably a thousand different software utilities or free scan sites to get the job done. Although, there are many tools to choose from, do you know which one is the right one you need to make your PC run fast again? Nowadays, most computer speed up or tuning tools are either malware themself, or bundled with other third party software as a complete package for user to download. Chances are those optimize utilities will do more harm to you computer, if you don’t know which is the right one to select.

An simple way to cleanup registry

Advanced Fix is an advanced registry cleaner tool which helps you to speed up your computer, by eliminate error and useless data within Windows system registry. It is user friendly and simply to use, cleaning your computer’s registry under few mouse clicks. The program will scan Windows system registry; then, it can delete trash data and fix error and the same time.

It is highly recommended by many users on the web; you can download the software here or click the link below, and try it for free. Download it now and speed up your computer today!


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