Solve iTunes error 20 Problem – How to Fix iTunes error 20 Effectively on Computer

iTunes error 20 is a common errors that regards as a regular of iPhone, iPod and other computer products which install the application, but the rate of people can successfully fix the error seems much less then the error happening on the computer system, so hereby, it is necessary to do a study for the available iTunes error 20 resolution.

Many people would find the iTunes error 20 message pops up on their computer screen when they try to restore, update the program or doing other things which require the modifications of iTunes on their computers, and then some or all of these following troubles will come out on the problematic computer:

  • iTunes cannot work properly on the iOS device or iPods
  • Lose track of the iTunes Store
  • Cannot download or purchase any iTunes Store content
  • Cannot activate, update or restore the iOS device or iPods which is using iTunes
  • Cannot sync content to iOS device or iPod
  • Cannot sync content to iOS device or iPod
  • Cannot watch Apple TV on the iTunes smoothly
  • Cannot sharing music in iTunes

This error problem is often triggered by the third party security software manufactured by other companies but not Apple, this kind of software sometimes would not allow the iTunes and other Apple applications connect to the various Apple servers or resources on your computer, and one can generally fix iTunes error 20 from updating, uninstalling and checking the correct settings and configurations of the security program on computer.

Tips can be used to fix iTunes error 20

If you have a good knowledge about the computer system

You can firstly try to check and identify whether the third party security software installed on the computer is the real cause of iTunes error 20 but not other circumstance, and the following content would be the some of items you need to go through during the process:

  • Make sure the date and time settings are in correct
  • Make sure you have correctly install iTunes or get the newest version of it
  • Make sure the router or modem firmware is up-to-date, and try to connect to iTunes Store without internet proxy if you are using proxy settings
  • Test your connections and generate reports

If you are not a computer high hand, you can try to fix in that way:

Update your third party security software
If the security software on your PC do not get the newest version instantly, it would easily show incompatible with the computer as well as those applications produced by Apple such as iTunes. So you need to firstly update the program on your computer, and see that whether the iTunes error 20 problem can be fixed, if not, turn to the next step.

Configure your security software, if it still do not work, you should remove it from your computer
Some programs would originally not allow the iTunes to contact Apple, you should go to check your security program settings, and enable the connection between iTunes and your Apple. If the error message still display on your computer after you configure the program, you can consider to uninstall the program on your computer and equip your computer with another more reliable antivirus program on your computer.

Registry fix

Besides security software, registry error problem also can be the reason of the iTunes error 20, when you do a lot of things on the security program but still cannot get the problem solved, you can go to equip your computer with a professional registry error fix program, which can help you to detect the related registry issues, and also replace you to fix them completely and automatically on your computer.

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