Solve D3d11.dll Error Problem – Fix D3d11.dll Error Quickly and Easily

D3d11.dll is a dynamic-link library that belongs to the DirectX which is an important component for many games operations. D3d11.dll error is often the case of DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 that often make the games stop working smoothly and correctly on the computer. To protect your computer from worse influence, you should get rid of D3d11.dll instantly on your computer system.

“d3d11.dll Not Found”
“The file d3d11.dll is missing.”
“This application failed to start becaused3d11.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

There are many situations that can cause the error problem on your computer, consciously or unconsciously, you will get to know this problem with its error pop-ups on the computer screen, and then many negative influences will come to the computer if the D3d11.dll error problem cannot be fixed instantly, for example:

  • Several games often stop working or crash
  • Error massages often bombard the screen
  • Computer crashes and reboot along with the game
  • Slow computer performance
  • Additional error issues occur on the computer
  • Computer continually gets the Blue Screen of Death errors

Why this error would occur on your computer? The reason may come from one of the following causes:

  • Malicious virus and spyware invade the computer system and DirectX
  • D3d11.dll file is corrupted or deleted mistakenly from the computer
  • Related registry entries are overwritten or damaged
  • System outdated issue
  • DirectX outdated issue

Effective ways to fix d3d11.dll error on computer

One – scan and remove infected virus

Virus infection is often the cause of system malfunctioning and the corruption of missing of files and programs, many DLL files like d3d11.dll is also easily infected and damaged by the malicious virus and spyware. Therefore, it is important for you to firstly do a thorough check the computer system and remove all of infected viruses when you try to to fix d3d11.dll error, which is an indispensable step for protecting the computer system from worse infection and damage. And a reputable and powerful antivirus program must the safe guard of your computer system that should be activated all the time.

Two – update DirectX and Windows system

If the d3d11.dll error is caused by the outdated issues, the DirectX and Windows system will be the two things that you should firstly go to check and update.

Considering the DLL file is created to support the associated running of multimedia elements like rich audio, video and full-colour graphics, to maintain the frequent and effective connections between the file and these applications, one should maintain the DirectX in a real-time update, otherwise the outdated version would make some features and files cannot be used and activated effectively and properly.

On the other hand it is also needed to update the Windows system, which can enhance and improve the performances and compatibilities of many applications and registry files, and the registry conflicts and outdated issues like D3d11.dll error can be successfully avoided on the computer.

Three – scan and fix registry issues

If the virus removal and system and DirectX update cannot help you solve the error problem, the next step you should do its to fix registry issues on your computer. As registry is often the cause of various error issues. Checking and fixing these registry errors on the computer system is a necessary task that you should be taken. And a registry fix tool will be the effective and useful tool that support your to check and find out the registry issues on your computer, and more significantly, with the friendly designed interface and the simple guides, one can easily and quickly fix those errors on the computer system, which including those ones that trigger the d3d11.dll error problem.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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