Solutions to Fix Iexplore.exe Error on Computer


Iexplore.exe is a crucial process of Microsoft Internet Explorer takes responsibility for the website visiting and many Windows Operating System (OS) features, and it is primarily used to connect and access the Internet when user types a URL in the address bar. But some people will unluckily encounter the iexplore.exe error message and don’t know how to stop and clean it. Don’t worry, just look at the content below to fix iexplore.exe error well.

General error notification:
“Iexplore.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

People often come across such an error message when they start to open the Microsoft Internet Explorer or activate the associated Windows Operating System (OS) features, and it will keep displaying on the PC until you repair it. In this situation, in order to fix iexplore.exe error effectively, the first important thing you should do is to make clear what’s the reasons of this problem.

Common causes of the error issue:

  • Problems of newly installed Browser Help Objects (BHO) like Morpheus, WURLD Shopping Community
  • Dangerous virus infections
  • Outdated device driver issue
  • Overloaded, missing or corrupt registry keys

Getting this error problem on computer will gradually cause many serious errors on the computer, such as the program and computer freeze, Blue Screen of Death error, and even the system crash. So you should take a way to fix iexplore.exe error as soon as possible on your computer system.

Introductions about how to fix iexplore.exe error

Uninstall the BHO which generated the error

Browser Help Objects, also called the browser add-on or toolbar, is a common add-on that installs on the web browser for convenient access to the specific website or performing the unique features on the browser. If the error message just appears after installing a new BHO, you should consider to firstly disable and remove it for that it may be corrupted or incompatible with the browser.

In Internet Explorer

  • Click on Tools > select Internet Options > Programs


  • Find out the Manage Add-ons section and click on it
  • Look for the toolbar you need to remove on the list of installed add-ons and select it
  • Click Disable > restart the IE

In Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on the Firefox on the top left corner


  • Click on Add-ons, then you will be taken to the Extension tab
  • Click on the add-on you need to remove > click Disable > Remove


  • Close the browser.

In Google Chrome

  • Click on the icon with three stripes to open the menu


  • Click Tools > Extensions
  • Disable and remove the toolbar you want
  • Restart Google Chrome

Scan and clean virus infections to fix iexplore.exe error

Virus infection is always a hot issue for the use of computer, malicious viruses, trojan and spyware programs can easily damage the machine and make it crash ultimately, and steal the personal information for illegal purpose, that’s why it is vital to protect the computer system with a professional antivirus program. Iexplore.exe is also easy to be the infected target of the dangerous virus, and cause the error issue on the PC. Therefore, considering the virus infection can cause this error, you should perform a virus scan on your computer, and remove all of detected viruses immediately without any hesitation to fix iexplore.exe error.

  • Update your antivirus program to the newest version
  • Click to scan the whole computer system
  • When the scan result appears, choose to remove all of detected viruses and threats
  • Close the program, restart the computer

Install available updates for the driver

As it is also possible to be lead to this error for the associated drivers on the computer is out-of-date, you should go to download and install the available on the PC to fix iexplore.exe error issue, the new version of driver can be more compatible with various features and devices on the computer, and one can get the newest update from the driver’s official website or applying a third party driver optimize tool to complete the update.

Perform a fix for the system registry issue

The last but not lease measure to fix iexplore.exe error is repairing the registry issues on your computer system, because it is always a common cause for many error problems on the PC with Windows operating system. System registry is a core database of the computer that frequently used for the system and program operations, so they are very easy to be damaged or delete mistakenly by people’s improper actions on the machine. Therefore, you can try to fix iexplore.exe error via repairing the registry issues on the system with an outstanding registry fix program.

  • Download and install an advanced registry tool
  • Start the program, and scan the whole computer system for detecting the registry problem
  • Click the fix button to dealt with all the registry issues
  • Close the program, and reboot the computer

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A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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