Shdoclc.dll Error Fix Guide – Shdoclc.dll Missing Problem Troubleshooting

Have you ever encounter the Shdoclc.dll missing types of error? Shdoclc.dll error is one of the most common dll error that happens in most of the Windows -base operation system, it will probably show up when opening certain application, it even can appear during system booting or closing which will disturb the your daily computer use.

Shdoclc.dll is a file from Internet Explorer, it is also shared by other caller Windows applications to maintain certain features. However the Shdoclc.dll file can become missing or corrupt due to various reasons so as to generate the Shdoclc.dll error, similar error messages you may receive including “missing shdoclc.dll” or “missing startup file .DLL, SHDOCLC.DLL”, you can refer to the below provided solutions to fix this error properly.

How to fix Shdoclc.dll error

Here we have addressed you some major causes of the Shdoclc.dll error and offered you corresponding solution to fixed them, apply the right one according to your particular situation,

Cause 1: Virus or malware infection
Solution: Shdoclc.dll file can easily be damaged by virus or malware as it is not protected, for computers who is suffering such threat infection, there is no other way to solve it but using antivirus. If your computer did not install any security software, it can easily get infected by malicious internet threats such as virus, spyware, malware, Trojan, worm, etc and bring your computer errors. If you suspect that virus issue is the cause of Shdoclc.dll error, you should install an trusted antivirus on your computer and run a full virus scan over you system, then remove any found threats before they bring more disastrous problems.

Cause 2: Accidental deletion of Shdoclc.dll file.
Solution 1: First go check the Windows recycle bin, deleted files should be inside the recycle bin if you haven’t execute the “Empty Recycle Bin” action, if you found Shdoclc.dll in it, right click the file and select restore, if you have emptied the recycle bin before, it isn’t mean that the file is permanently from your system, you can also get it back by using data recovery software. But consider that most of such software are commercial and can not 100% guarantee you to find the file back as well, if you are not willing to take the risk, you can go for the next solution.

Solution 2: Download and install Internet Explorer, you can download the latest version of Internet Explorer and install it in your computer, as Shdoclc.dll file is included in Internet Explorer installation package, by reinstalling IE, the missing Shdoclc.dll file will be replaced in your system so as to fix the dll error. Click here to visit Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Center.

Cause 3: Shdoclc.dll file is corrupt
Solution: Get a valid update for your Windows, you can click here to visit Windows Update website, then follow the onscreen instruction to select an available update for your system, this could also help you to detect out the corrupted/problematic shdoclc.dll file and replace it with a new & functional copy.

Cause 4: Registry corruption
Solution: Registry corruption is usually the factor that bring you the shdoclc.dll file. So what is registry? Registry is the most vital portion of Windows OS, it literally controls every part of Windows. But it is unavoidably that wasted/invalid entries are being created everyday through software installation & uninstallation, registry can easily get messed up by such junk entries and bring you various system errors. You can follow the below steps to clean up your computer registry and fix shdoclc.dll error:

  • Click to download Registry Cleaner here
  • Double click the downloaded setup file to install it in your computer.
  • Click Scan button to diagnose registry and system problems
  • Click Fix button to fix shdoclc.dll error and all the found problems.

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