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Usually Windows Error Code 43 is related to a direct hardware malfunction or error message. If a piece of hardware is installed on your PC and has a problem, it will send this message to the operating system and this error message will appear on your screen. This error is reported anytime Windows does not recognize a device – whether it is a USB port, Hard drive, video card or any other piece of hardware connected to your computer. How to resolve Error Code 43? It would be better to get to know what it is first.

Many Windows errors are fixable by doing a little configuration changes within the OS. Many of the driver issues that are commonly seen are able to be resolved by updating a driver, but Windows Error Code 43 is not one of those issues. The standard methodology of troubleshooting using Windows or some software utilities might not provide a sufficient answer on how to resolve Error Code 43.

Error Code 43 is an issue that is directly generated by a message from the hardware itself. Windows is informing the user that the hardware has reported an error. You will have to work with hardware manufacturer resources to get the issue resolved.


Symptons of Error Code 43

The error messages can appear during some application’s installation, while a Microsoft Corporation-related application is running, during Windows startup or shutdown, or even during the installation of the system. The following are typical examples:

  • It appears and crashes the active application window.
  • Your computer frequently crashes with Error Code 43 messages when running the same application.
  • Dialog box “Windows 8 Reported Error Code 43” is presented.
  • All things run sluggishly and respond slowly to mouse or keyboard input.
  • Your system periodically freezes for a couple of seconds sometimes.

Keeping track of when and where the problems occur is a critical piece of information to resolve Error Code 43.

What Causes Error Code 43?


95% of the time, Error Code 43 means that a device driver is either missing, corrupt, outdated (so Windows issues communicating properly with the hardware), or the device is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Device drivers can become damaged or corrupt over time, and most users will eventually experience a driver error. Installing and uninstalling software and hardware can cause conflicts in the registry, and can alter driver communication.

Sometimes you can bypass the error temporarily such as disconnecting the device from the motherboard and reseating it, removing the power cord from the power supply and restarting your PC after a few minutes, etc. However, these are temporary and will not resolve Error Code 43.

How Do I Breezily Resolve Error Code 43?

Using a Windows repair tool to help scan, diagnose and repair the detected issues, such as system freezing and rebooting issues, browser helper object management, start-up customization, program removal management, Windows structure repair and live updates. If you are not tech savvy enough for the mission, this could be the best choice to resolve Error Code 43.

1. Install the safe Registry repair tool by clicking the green download button on the page. (Both the file and the program folder after installation are small-sized.)

2. Run the tool, and click the Start Scan Now button to find all the existing issues on your system. (This is to quickly detect what problems you’re having and where they are. A list will be displayed, on which you can select those you want to fix.)



3. Hit the Fix All button to resolve Error Code 43 and other detected problems. (Repair all the found issues with only one click. )

That’s it, all errors found, which you might haven’t realized for a very long time, can be solved that easily. After the repair you will find the performance of the computer is optimized and those annoying pop-ups of unknown errors are gone.

How to Resolve Error Code 43 Manually on PC


If you consider yourself pretty technical and feel confident making changes to your system, then try the following:

The best place to begin with the repair is by looking at the documentation that came with the device. You can search through the documents to see if the problem you are having is reported and if there is a recommended course of action from the vendor.

A secondary source of information would be to go to the manufacturer’s website to see if there is any additional information about the problem. You may be able to find a hot-fix or patch file that will resolve Error Code 43.

Many times your only resource for these error messages is to get the device repaired or replaced. If your device is still under warranty, check with the vendor to see what you should do next. If the device is not under warranty, you will have to purchase a replacement or work with a technician to get the hardware repaired. There are some error codes that Windows cannot fix, and this is exactly one of them.

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