How You Can Resolve Error Code 1024 on Windows


The Code 1024 is one of the numerical values to identify an issue on Windows. You may receive this error when you try to install new hardware, or a new driver for existing hardware. It may be that the driver you are trying to install is for a different version of Windows than the one you are running. This error is particularly prevalent if you are installing new modern drivers. So, how to resolve Error Code 1024?

The general measures might not work, because this is a particular problem on hardware. And it seems to be impossible to remember what each code represents, that’s just fine. All those numbers are set for the convenience of identifying problems and searching for solutions. The only thing you need is an effective guide to read.

There are so many users that have been trying hard to resolve Error Code 1024, but ended up with failures. Fortunately, you are reading this page. Just dig further to read the solutions with the specific steps I prudentially listed, and perform them one by one until the problem is successfully solved. Good luck!


Method One: Manually Resolve Error Code 1024 on Your Own

This is actually one of the easy problems that you can solve. The error message usually pops up when you set a device to be removed, and then chooses the device again while in Device Manager. Windows makes the assumption that you are trying to access a device that is currently being removed and kicks up the error code 21 message, “Windows is removing this device.”

Here are some ways to resolve Error Code 1024 error message:

1. If you attempt to remove the device, just give the operating system a little more time to do it.
2. Wait a few seconds and see whether the Device Manager still shows the device as existing on the system.
3. If the device is still showing up, don’t click on it or you will see the error message again. Instead, press the F5 key on your keyboard to refresh your Device Manager screen. You shall see the device going away soon.
4. If waiting doesn’t get rid of this error, or the refresh happens and the device still remains in the view, you need to restart your PC. Just click on Start, then click on Shutdown and choose Restart for the option to reboot your computer.
5. When your computer starts, go to Device Manager and see whether the device is still showing up. The computer restart should have permanently removed the device.
If you accidentally deleted the hardware device, you will have to go through the process of reinstalling it. You can use the original installation disk that came with the device, and walk through the installation steps recommended by the manufacturer to get the device installed over again and resolve Error Code 1024.


Method Two: Manually Resolve Error Code 1024 on Your Own

This common error is a result of several different issues. The good news is that the fix is fairly obvious. Usually, it occurs when you are having some difficulty in installing, or in re-installing, a Windows application. It may also happen when you have a corrupt or an outdated driver.

To resolve Error Code 1024, the first thing to do is just to make sure you have the most recent driver. Go to the web site maintained by the product vendor, and download the latest version. Make sure to notice the product’s operating system compatibility — not all drivers work for all operating systems. If you are trying to load a driver that is meant for Windows XP, and you are running Vista for example, you may meet with this problem.

In some rare circumstances, the driver may not be available for your current operating system — and in that case, your solution is to either run a different operating system, use a different product, or alternately, you may be able to find a “generic” driver that is equivalent to the driver you want to use, and attempt to load that one to resolve Error Code 1024.


Method Three: Resolve Error Code 1024 along with Other Existing Issues

As you can see below, this is much simpler to go through:

1. Advanced Fix.
Install the safe Registry repair tool by clicking the green download button on the page. Both the file and the program folder after installation are small-sized.

2. Full Scan.
Run the tool, and click the “Scan Now” button to find all the existing issues on your system. This is to quickly detect what problems you’re having and where they are. A list will be displayed, on which you can select those you want to fix.


3. Fix them all.
Hit the “Fix All” button to resolve Error Code 1024 and other detected issues. Repair all of these with only one click. Isn’t it amazing?

By now the problem should be solved. If you hold any other opinions towards this subject, please feel free to leave messages.

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