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People who get the error 997 on their computers may encounter a problem to repair it, and don’t know how to prevent its negative impacts for the use of PCs. So today, I will focus on the right way to fix error code 997 which usually happen on Windows system.


More details about the error

997 (0x3E5)
Overlapped I/O operation is in progress.

Windows error 997 is a common system problem that the code number stands for a specific problem on the computer, it often appears when you fail to install a program on the PC, or there is a problem as the following issues on your computer, finding the specific reason is the key to fix error code 997:

  • Corrupt issue with your system registry
  • Malware and virus infection
  • Newly installed program is not compatible with the computer
  • Related DLL or process files are damaged
  • Problem with the installed Microsoft security updates

General consequences of getting the error:

  • Computer operation become much slower than before
  • People usually encounters a freeze-up issue on PC
  • System often crashes without warning
  • Additional DLL and EXE errors occur frequently on the computer
  • Hardware failure issue

Instructions can help you fix error code 997 effectively

Repair system registry issues


System registry is a central database of the Windows that contains numerous files and settings that closely related to the system performance and program operations on the computer, however, it is also a vulnerable place of the system that is very easy to cause some registry issues for the improper operations on the computer. Thus, the computer’s performance and some installed applications will easily encounter problems and receive the error notification.

In this case, if you want to fix error code 997 with the possible registry issues, you should conduct a system scan with a sophisticated registry optimized tool, then repair all of detected issues well, and an optimized registry tool also can help you to clean those junk files accumulated in a great number on your computer system registry.

Warning: fix the registry issue manually via Registry Editor on Windows instead of using the registry fix tool is a highly risky job and only feasible for the computer professional, and you had better to do a registry back-up before you starting to fix the registry manually.


Scan and remove virus and malware infection

Computer virus

Virus infection on the computer could be a cause for many system errors, which including the Windows error 997, so, in order to ensure the security of your computer and fix error code 997 with the virus invasion issue. It is necessary to update the virus database of your antivirus program, or apply a new security program to scan the whole computer system (in case of the virus has been compromised the current one on the PC), and clean all of detected viruses and remove those rogue programs completely. After that, please restart your computer system, and see whether the problem has been fixed.

Uninstall the associated application to fix error code 997

There is another case that many people get this error code when they are trying to install a new program on the computer, the error message will appear and stop the install process, or some will encounter the error notification after installing the application on PC. In this situation, to remove and fix error code 997, you should consider to remove all of files associated to the program on your computer, or uninstall it if it is installed completely on your PC. There may be some files or settings with the program creates conflict issue with the system itself, so please remember to clean every thing about the program on your computer to troubleshoot the conflict issue and fix error code 997 well.

Replace the problematic DLL file with a new one

If the error 997 notification also states that there is a related DLL file encountering an error issue, please replace the file with a new one on your PC.

  1. Click to open the Start menu, select Search
  2. Type the DLL file name on the search text box, and go to the location of the corrupt file,
  3. Get a new DLL file from other computer with the same Windows system or download it from a reputable online resource
  4. Rename the current DLL file on the computer as filename(backup).dll, then move the new one on the same location
  5. Open your Start menu again, and select Run
  6. Type “CMD” in the box, and type “regsvr_filename.dll” in the box, and press Enter

type _cmd

Error 997 for Windows also can be caused by some other issues, if you suspect that it is a problem related to the hardware failure, to fix error code 997, please try to fix the issue with a computer expert or an advanced hardware fix tool, because it is a difficult task that not so easy to handle for common users.


Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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