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Error 0x80070422 is another Windows update error as error code 0x8007007e, and always appears when people are tying to install updates for their Windows system. So today, we will focus on the proper resolutions to fix error code 0x80070422.


Annoying message with error code 0x80070422:

  • 80070422 SelfUpdate Failure Software Synchronization Windows Update Client failed to detect with error 0×80070422
  • Update Error Code 0x80070422

What cause this problem on your Windows?

Why does the Windows update cannot be installed smoothly and display such an error code on the PC? There are many situations could be the reason of this problem, and we have been concluded those most common ones for you according to many people’s experiences of getting this error:

  • Incorrect settings of the Windows update
  • Problematic system registries
  • Corrupted system files fail to support the Windows update
  • Windows update you installed is not complete

Having this error issue on the computer must create some troubles and inconveniences which affect you using the machine as smoothly as usual, so you should think a way out to fix error code 0x80070422 before it causes more and more further problems on the computer. And I am very happy to tell you that these following methods maybe just the one that you are seeking for troubleshooting the error.

Approaches that can be used to fix error code 0x80070422

One – reinstall the Windows update for a try

A temporary error of the system or the update process will cause the Windows update cannot be installed successfully on the computer, so please make sure you install the right update from the official website, then restart your PC, and try to install the update again. If the update installation can be finished and do not display any error report, congratulations! You have been fixed error code 0x80070422 effectively. If the result is not so optimistic, you will need to try the following methods.

Clean registry issues on your system

Registry issues is a fairly common problem on the computer system, it can be caused by the program uninstallation and and improper operations of some applications or Windows features. When these registries are belonging to the Windows system and required by many processes and performances on the PC, their corrupted issue will be a big cause for many system problems and errors like the error 0x80070422.


Therefore, it is very possible that the Windows update error is related to the registry problem on the computer system. To fix error code 0x80070422 in this case, you will need a sophisticated registry optimizer to check your System Registry, then clean all of errors and issues inside. Thus, those obstructions which affect the Windows update will be cleaned well and you can install the update smoothly on your computer.


  • Take the advanced registry optimizer for a try to handle your registry problems:
  • Download and install the optimized tool on your PC
  • Open it, then use to scan your computer system completely
  • When it shows a scan report, click to fix all of deleted registry issues
  • Close the tool when finish, then reboot the computer

Run System File Check to restore damaged system files

Besides registry issue, corrupted system file is another problem inside the Windows system that can cause the error on your computer, in order to fix error code 0x80070422 with the corrupted system file issue, please make use of the Windows built-in System File Check to scan your computer system thoroughly, and restore those corrupted system files for you. After that, please try to install the Windows update again and check whether the error still appears.

Adjust Windows update settings to fix error code 0x80070422

Improper settings or configurations on the Windows update is also a big cause of the error issue, you will need to open the associated panel on the computer, then check and adjust the settings correctly, here are specific steps you can refer to:

  • Open the computer’s Start menu, click Run

type _cmd

  • Type “services.msc” in the running text box, and click OK
  • Find out and right-click on Automatic Updates, select Properties
  • After then, you should alter the settings according to your situation:
    1. Click Automatic on the Startup type list if it is set to Manual or Disabled, then click on Apply
    2. On the contrary, if it has been set to Automatic or Automatic(Delayed Start), please change the Automatic(Delayed Start) and vice versa, and finally click on OK

How about the error occurs when open firewall


There is another situation that the error code 0x80070422 maybe occurs when people try to open the Windows Firewall on the computer. In this circumstance, you will need to check the associated settings of the Windows Firewall instead o the Windows update, then try the following resolution to adjust it and fix error code 0x80070422 effectively.

  • One: turn off your Windows Firewall , then turn it on again to reactivate this device.
  • Two: adjust the related settings of your firewall to enable the it can start automatically on the PC.


Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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