Resolutions to Fix Error Code 0x8007005 Quickly

Error 0x8007005 is a very troublesome problem on the computer for many people, because this troublesome issue will disable a series of services and processes on the PC. So, want to fix error code 0x8007005 as quickly as possible on your computer? Just check this post carefully.


What’s Windows error 0x8007005?

As a common problem on the Windows system, error code 0x8007005 usually appears when you are copying files to another computer or to a hard drive, or installing updates on the Windows system. The annoying error message will always appear until you fix error code 0x8007005. So if you want your computer come back to normal, your should learn a way to get rid of this problem as early as possible.

Why you would encounter such an error while copying files or updating the system? It usually indicates a specific problem on your computer, and here are the most common reasons that cause the error occur:

  • Lacking of required file and registry permissions to update system
  • Malware or virus attack on the computer
  • Corrupted or missing system files and registries
  • A kernel leak on the PC

If you do not take instant steps to fix error code 0x8007005 well, you will not be able to continue the Windows update or copy the file to another computer or a hard drive, as time goes on, you will likely to be troubled by many further issues on the computer. So taking a way to figure it out is very necessary.

Suggestions to fix error code 0x8007005 effectively

Scan and clean virus infection on the computer

clean virus

Malicious virus or malware on the computer will not only damage or remove the important files, but also probably change the file and registry permissions without your knowing and consent. In order to avoid this corruption occurring on your PC and fix error code 0x8007005 in this situation, please invite a powerful and reputable antivirus application like Kaspersky, AVG or Norton to scan your computer system, and remove those virus or malware infections thoroughly.


Install the Windows update again

A temporary error on the system or do not have the administrator’s permission also can be the reason for the error 0x8007005, so if it is the first time you receive the error code when you try to update your Windows system, and you just had scanned and removed viruses, please go to restart your computer, and make sure you log in the computer system as administrator, then try to install the Windows update again. You may be able to resolve the file or registry permission issue and fix error code 0x8007005 as well.

Fix system registry issues


Corrupted system registry usually affect the effective system performance and smooth Windows update on the computer, because these registries are usually the core files and components for these operations. Therefore, to fix error code 0x8007005, you should need to check your system registry database, and fix those corrupted, missing or invalid registry issues.

Next, let’s focus on the question of fixing your system registry issues. As a core database of the computer system, doing any modification and removal inside should be very careful and cautious. So it is not suggested to edit these registry files manually unless you are a professional; instead, it is better to apply an advanced registry error fix tool, which can find about the registry problems on the computer and fix them automatically, and you don’t need to take any risk of create additional errors on your System Registry.

Recover corrupted system files to fix error code 0x8007005

When those system files required by the Windows update or other operations on the computer are corrupted or missing, you also result in this error issue. In this case, you should find out those problematic files on your Windows system, then restore them to make them back to normal on the computer, and the System File Check attached in your Windows system will do a great help for you.

System File Check is a Windows built-in utility that specialized in finding and restoring those problematic system files automatically, you can make use of this tool with the following steps:

  • Firstly, you should make sure you log on the computer system as administrator
  • Then, click to open Start menu, then click on Run
  • Type “cmd” in the box, then press Enter key
  • Type “sfc/sannow” in the black window, press Enter


  • Wait till the System File Check help you to scan and fix those corrupted system file well
  • Restart your computer when finish

Install a hotfix to fix the kernel leak on system

There is another case that some people would encounter the error on their computers with Windows Vista, especially when they are copying some files to another computer or an external device. In order to to fix error code 0x8007005, you can refer to the Microsoft support center and try this specific hotfix on your computer: After installing the hotfix, please remember to restart your computer to refresh the whole Windows system.

And personally, I would like to recommend you upgrading your Windows operating system version, and use the Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 instead, you will be able to enjoy a better user experience. Really hope these suggestions can help you guys to fix error code 0x8007005 and stop its annoying notification successfully.


Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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