Repair and Fix Error Code 998 – Invalid Access Memory Location

fix error code 998

Error message with a code number 998 always displaying on your computer? Do you have a good idea to stop and rectify this error on your PC? Get the right way from here to fix error code 998 on your computer system.


People who receive message “Invalid Access Memory Location (998)” on their computers usually mean that they get something wrong with their Windows systems, and the specific error code and notification could help you know more about this problem on the PC.

Windows error code 998 often occurs when a 32-bit application installs or runs on a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, when it calls the LsaLogonUser function to authenticate the logon data of a security principal by using stored credentials information, the error message will appear and sometimes even cause troublesome further problems on the computer, such as the computer freeze-up, system crash, unable to run applications and access to many data on the system.

Why this error occur?

As we had mentioned that the main cause of this invalid access error is the 32-bit structure in the associated program cannot be handled in the computer system with 64-bit environment. In addition, these issues may also be the reasons of the problem on your computer:

  • Malware or virus attack
  • Install a program which the old one’s leftovers are still on the computer
  • Related drivers are out-of-date or corrupted
  • Windows system registry errors

Five approaches to fix error code 998 on Windows system

One – installed newest update for your drivers

Check your installed drivers on the computer, and update to the newest version one by one, because this Windows error code issue may be caused by the outdated or corrupt drivers on your PC, which usually creates a serious of system problems beside the error code 998.

In the daily use of computer, many people pay less attention to update the installed drivers to regularly, but it is just the reason for many problems on the computer, including sluggish computer performance, invalid programs and files, or system memory issue. So, this is a simple way that you can try to fix error code 998 on your computer.

If you find that there is a driver shows incompatibility with your computer system. Please uninstall it, and change to install a new and catalyst driver on your PC.

Two – perform a virus scan and removal for the whole computer system

remove virus

Virus or malware infection is a common cause for many kinds of problems on the computer, so it does not eliminate that the system error problem is caused by the tricky virus which is hiding on your PC. In this case, in order to fix error code 998, you should go to check your Windows system with a reputable antivirus program, when some malicious viruses and threats are detected, you should remove them as soon as possible on the computer.

Please note that the antivirus program may not be able to detect infected viruses effectively if you don’t get the newest virus database of your security program, so you should remember to upgrade your antivirus program before checking your computer’s security situation.


Three – uninstall associated programs and leftovers

If the error message just appears when you are trying to install an application on your computer, please think about whether you had installed the program before, for that there may be some associated components and files of the previous program still leaving on the PC. To avoid the install problem and fix error code 998, you ought to find out and remove those files related to the previously installed program on your computer, then try to install the new application again.

Four – install a supported hotfix to fix error code 998

If your computer always displays “Invalid Access Memory Location (998)” error message, you can try to repair this error via installing a supported hotfix or install a software update which contains this hotfix.

What’s hotfix?


A hotfix is a single and cumulative package that used to fix a very specific problem in a software product. Most of hotfixes are included in the later update or service packs.

Microsoft provides a supported hotfix which is available for correcting this specific error issue, remember that it is only useful for the computer system which is encountering this specific problem. If you are not eager to fix error code 998 immediately, you can wait for the next software update which get a hotfix inside; If you want to repair it right now, however, you should go to download and install the hotfix from Microsoft’s download resource.

For more information about the supported hotfix, you can visit the Microsoft support center, or you can obtain the hotfix via contacting Microsoft Customer Service and Support.

Five – scan and troubleshoot system registry errors

Invalid Access is also possibly caused by the Windows system registry errors, this is because the associated Windows features and processes lose efficacy for the related corrupted and invalid registries. If you want to avoid any other problem to cause the Windows error code 998, you should conduct a check and fix your system’s registry problems.

fix registry errors

System registry is not a place that many computer familiar with, because it does not contain any direct association with people’s actions on the PC, but it is undeniable that many registries in the system database are very important and make great contribution to the program running and system operations. If you got some registry problems on the computer, you should take a good way to get these registry errors fixed, thus the associated process will not be affected or disabled on your PC, and you are also able to fix error code 998 as well.

How to fix system registry issues effectively? Please take and apply an advanced registry fix tool, it will help you check and fix the problematic registries quickly, and you don’t need to worry about any further problems which easily happen during your manual fix for the system registry.


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