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Rasapi32.dll is a DLL file of Remote Access API (RAS), which is installed in the Windows system and specially used to control modem connections on computer. The related rasapi32.dll error messages like “Cannot find [PATH]\rasapi32.dll” or “Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: rasapi32.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again” will appear on the computer if this DLL file encounters some errors, and the following content is just the instruction about how can fix rasapi32.dll error on PC.

Rasapi32.dll error can be triggered from many different situations on the computer, to correctly and instantly repair this error, you should know what cause the error problem and what will be caused after encountering this error.

Possible causes of the rasapi32.dll error:

  • Rasapi32.dll file is corrupted or deleted for some reasons
  • Infected virus replace the file rasapi32.dll on the computer
  • Incorrect installation of printer drivers or HP Jetadmin drivers
  • System 32 file corruption
  • Windows system is outdated
  • Associated system registry files are damaged or invalid

General results of getting this error problem on PC:

  • Computer is constantly received the related error information
  • Modem connections are not able to perform effectively
  • Error code 0x066F(The update is not applied to this product. )
  • Constant system often freezes
  • Computer cannot be used normally

Properly solutions to fix rasapi32.dll error

Update your Windows system

As there are many advanced applications are constantly developed and release online, to support this fresh applications can be used and performed on the computer smoothly and successfully, you should keep update of your Windows system periodically, which also can effectively improve the whole system performance. To update your Windows system, you can utilized a update tool or make use of the Windows build-in update utility to upgrade the system to the newest version, and restart your computer to see whether the error message would not appear again. If it still exists, turn to the following method for a try.

Remove infected viruses on the computer

Sometimes the rasapi32.dll error can be caused by the virus infection, especially virus TrojanDownloader:Win32/Bagle.VM, which is a malicious Trojan virus that usually spreads from the social network CaringBridge to privately download and install malware Captain Optimizer on the affected machines, and then change the path of the rasapi32.dll file to C:\WINDOWS\System32. To avoid this serious virus invasion and protect your computer, you should clean out all of viruses on your PC as soon as possible.

How to clean out infected viruses on computer

  1. Install a reputable antivirus program on your PC
  2. Open the program, and click to scan your computer system thoroughly
  3. When for the scan report, and select all of detected removal
  4. Click on the remove button, and restart your computer when it is finished

Clean and fix system registries to fix rasapi32.dll error

If you still receive the related DLL error message when using the computer, it is recommended to check your Windows system, there may be something wrong about about the system registry.

System registry is a crucial component on the computer that takes responsibility to store all of Windows system registries, advanced options and configurations from the installed programs, which should be kept on the computer and used to support the related performance and program running. Where there are some registry files are corrupted or missing, however, related DLL or EXE errors will be caused on the computer and make you cannot use them correctly. Therefore, in order to fix rasapi32.dll error, you should go to clean and fix your system registry, thus those corrupted or missing registry files which related to the DLL file will be fixed well, so that can make the rasapi32.dll file comes back to normal.

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