Px.dll Error Repair – Available Ways to Fix Px.dll Error with Ease

Px.dll serves as an important DLL file that belongs to the Sonic Solution is designed to burn compact discs, and facilitate the computer user to paly various kinds of compact discs in DAE mode (digital Audio extraction mode), as well as create good audio playback on computers. If these functions are your general use on your computer, the px.dll error must be fixed immediately once it appears.

Px.dll error often occurs when one or more of these problems in your computer:

  • The Px.dll file or its related registries are corrupted, damaged or removed by accident
  • Some Windows registry entries gets corrupted or dismissed and make the system cannot read the file
  • Malicious viruses sneak to your computer and damage your files and system
  • Drivers on your computer are out-of-date
  • The file is continually being loaded by various different programs
  • The file is misplaced on your computer

Common error messages would pop up on your computer:

“The ordinal 1191 could not be located in the dynamic link library PX.dll”
“Winamp 5.09: winamp.exe – Ordinal Not Found
The ordinal 422 could not be located in the dynamic link library PX.dll.”

What are the effects of the px.dll error to your computer?

Being encountered this error problem will be a headache for the computer user, because he has to face and handle these troubles on the computer system:

  • Computer often freeze up
  • Cannot burn or play compact discs
  • BSOD error often occurs on the computer system
  • Undesirable system shutdown
  • Computer often get the annoying error messages
  • Improper functioning of different applications in the system

Four available ways to solve the px.dll error problem

One – update your Windows

A new update for the Windows always can fix some bugs and disadvantages like cannot effectively read some required files or is not compatible with some installed file in the previous version. And considering that the px.dll error may be caused by the outdated Windows, you can firstly try to fix the error by updating your Windows with the newest version, it is possible that the
px.dll error will be solved after getting the Windows update.

Two – remove invaded viruses

Malicious viruses like Trojan horse, worms and spyware are capable of hiding on your computer system, damage your computer files and process, and stealing your important files and information. The px.dll is probably one of the victim file of the virus invasion. Therefore, you should equip your computer with a strong antivirus program or update your installed security program with the newest version, and then perform a check for your computer and removal for the invaded viruses, which will improve your system security situation, and protect many of the registry files as well.

Three – reinstall the px.dll file

Since the problem just locates on the px.dll file itself, you also can try to remove the current px.dll file and install a new one of the same place on your computer, and its default location is under C:\Windows\System32\. And new file can be downloaded from the cyber space or copy from another computer.

Four – fix your Windows registry errors

Windows registry errors is a common error problem for many computers, as well as the cause of many DLL or EXE errors. Therefore, to fix px.dll error, applying registry error fix program is also an effective way to help you get rid of this problem. It can effectively locate on the registry error and make use of its high-tech to repair them quickly and thoroughly.

General steps to fix px.dll error, with registry error fix program:

  1. Install a registry error fix program on your PC
  2. Launch it to scan your whole computer system
  3. Select all of detected errors and click to fix them

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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