Properly Fix Digest.dll Error on Your Computer

Don’t know how to fix digest.dll error?

Digest SSPI Authentication Package, the full name of digest.dll file, is a DLL module that is digitally signed by the Microsoft Windows Component Publisher – Microsoft Timestamping Service, many of users have no idea while they are receiving the error message on the PCs, eager to find a way to troubleshoot this problem well? Let’s start the removal.

Error messages:
“Cannot find C:\Windows\System32\\digest.dll.”
“Digest.dll Access Violation.”
“…Digest.dll is missing.”

Why does the error happens on your computer?

The various complicated computer environments often cause the DLL error in different situations. Generally, the computer user will get this file problems for the following reasons:

  • The newly installed program is not compatible with the computer system, and disable the file without your knowing
  • Digest.dll itself gets corrupted or cannot be found on the PC
  • Malware or virus infection problem
  • System registry errors

What’s the possible results of receiving the error notification?

Once encounter this error problem on PC, many files and programs’ operations will come out and affect the use of computer, such as the sluggish computer performance, program freeze-up and more and more error issues occur continually. If you want your computer and the file come back to normal, please take immediate measure to fix digest.dll error well.

How can fix digest.dll error for good?

Since there are many possible causes of this error issue, it is not only one solutions to resolve this problem well. You need to try every possible methods if you have no idea about what’s the specific reason of it. However, there are still some useful methods that usually can help people to figure it out.

Method one – re-register the file on your Windows system

Program conflict issue or the digest.dll file being registered improperly often make the file error happen. So you should learn how to register the DLL file on your computer system, and make it to be recognized and read by the Windows smoothly.

Steps to register digest.dll file on system:

  1. Click to open Start menu > Run
  2. Type “cmd” in the running box > press Enter to open the command prompt window
  3. Type “regsvr32_digest.dll” in the command box
  4. Close the window, and restart the computer fro a try.

Method two – replace digest.dll file with a new one

When your computer cannot find this DLL on your computer, you should repair it installing a brand new digest.dll file, which is effective to fix digest.dll error in the file missing situation.

  1. Search for a new and compatible digest.dll file and save on your computer
  2. Open the system folder, copy and paste the new file on this directory
  3. Back to the computer desktop, and register the file with the method one instruction

Method three – uninstall the problematic application

If the DLL error message always appears when you open one certain application, you should consider to uninstall the program firstly, then install a new one again if you want to continue using this program.

  1. Click on Start > Control panel > click Uninstall a program behind the programs
  2. Find and locate the program need you need to remove
  3. Then click on the uninstall button to start the removal
  4. Restart your computer when it is finished

Method four – repair associated system registry issues to fix digest.dll error

Registry issues on the Windows system is often the big cause of many error problems on computer. So it is often the effective way to fix digest.dll error via repairing all of registry errors on your system, and this job just can be completed by an advanced registry repairer.

  1. Download and install a good registry fix tool on the computer
  2. Click the scan button to find out all of registry issues
  3. Click on the fix button to resolve these issues automatically

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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