Proper Ways to Fix Mcshield.exe Error on Computer

“Mcshield Exe Has Encountered A Problem And Needs To Close…”

It must be very annoying and frustrating if you repeatedly receive this or the similar error message related to mcshield.exe on your computer, what should you do when get some troubles with this file? If you still have no idea of it, please take a glimpse of this article which talks something about how can fix mcshield.exe error for good.

All about mcshield.exe

Process file mcshield.exe is not an indispensable component of the Microsoft Windows operating system, but an executable file of the McAfee On-Access Antivirus Scanner from Network Associates, Inc., which contributes to protect the computer from dangerous virus infection.


Common reasons with the EXE error

As the computer being used for a certain time, many errors and problems will come out if you hardly do the maintenance and optimization for your computer. And mcshield.exe error often arises when the associated program encountering some running errors, or there are something goes wrong with your computer system. Since the process file belonging to the McAfee product on your computer, it is a hot issue that important for your computer protection, so you should get the instant steps to fix mcshield.exe error as quickly as possible on your computer to make sure the effective McAfee protection for the system.

Proper ways to fix mcshield.exe error effectively

Clean virus and malware infection

Generally, the mcshield.exe file and McAfee On-Access Antivirus Scanner ought to be installed on the computer, when you encounter the mcshield.exe error but do not have the associated McAfee product installed, you should suspect that there might be a virus infection or malware on your PC, for that some viruses would mimic a legitimate process file in order not to be found by the user or even the antivirus software.

Therefore, you should run a virus scan for your computer system, with a reliable antivirus application, and remove all of detected infections immediately. After that, please remember restart your computer to get a refreshed computer environment.

Alter the configuration of McAfee and mcshield.exe

As it is also possible the McAfee issue that triggering the related error on the PC, to fix mcshield.exe error, you also can try to configure the McAfee like stop the real-time scans or stop it running automatically from the Windows Start-up.

Steps to remove mcshield.exe from Windows Start-up

  • Move the mouse to the right side of the desktop to activate the hidden menu


  • Click on Search, and type services.msc in the box
  • Click on the corresponding services.msc the Windows searching out for you
  • Click on Services icon on the left side
  • Scroll down and double click on MCShield
  • Go to the General tab of Start-up Type window, choose Disable, and click OK to save the modification.

When you finish, the process will not operate automatically when you start the computer. However, if the error message still appears after your rebooting your PC, you may need to uninstall the related McAfee product for a try.

Uninstall McAfee program to fix mcshield.exe error

Corrupted and damaged issue of McAfee On-Access Antivirus Scanner is also the cause that usually create the mcshield.exe problem, so you also can consider to remove the program to solve the error issue.

How to uninstall the program in Windows 8

  • Right click on the start icon, then you will be able to bring up the Start Context Menu


  • Click Programs and Features, and you can conduct the removal here
  • Select the associated McAfee application, click Uninstall on the top


  • Follow the guides to complete the removal, and restart your computer
  • If you hope to continue using this program, you can choose to install it again after repairing the mcshield.exe error issue well.

Remove and clean system registry problems

Besides the above circumstances, registry issue is also a big cause that trigger the mcshield.exe error and many other DLL and EXE problems on the computer, because of the problems like overloaded registries, corrupted or missing registry issues, the computer is often resulted in various issues and have to face the annoying error notification on the PC. In order to resolve this problem, you need to do a check for your System Registry, and repair all the registry problems you found.

However, it does not mean that you should do any complex job for your Windows system, a professional registry cleaner will be the best choice to help you find out all of registry issues on your computer system, and the automatic fixing feature can repair these errors and problems in a short time. In addition to fix mcshield.exe error, regularly scanning and fixing registry issues is also a very effective way to help your computer keep away from the complex and troublesome errors on the system.

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