Proper ways to Fix Ccsw32.dll Error for Common Users

Many people have no idea about how to fix Ccsw32.dll error when they come across the DLL error issue on their PCs, what’s the file and its specific feature and usage on the computer? Please refer to more details about this file on this post.

What’s Ccsw32.dll file?

“Cannot register ccsw32.dll.”
“Ccsw32.dll not found.”
“This application failed to start because ccsw32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”


Released by the Novell, Inc., file Ccsw32.dll is a component of the product Novell International Cryptography Infrastructure and installed in the Windows operating system, the latest version of this file is

What’s the problem with it?

The error message will display when the Windows system fails to load the Ccsw32.dll file as required. And the problems which could caused this issue are various for the different and complex environment on different computers, and there are some common reasons of the DLL error on PC:

  • File Ccsw32.dll is not registered by the system
  • Ccsw32.dll itself is corrupted or missing
  • Associated registries get corrupted or invalid on the computer system
  • Improper running or installation of a program
  • Malicious virus and malware invasion

Available methods can fix Ccsw32.dll error

One – register the file again on your computer system

As long as the Ccsw32.dll file being registered in the Windows system, it can be recognized and loaded by the required process. However, because of the improper running and operation, this file may be neglected and cannot recognized by the system without your knowing. So, to fix Ccsw32.dll error in this case, you should make use of the attached Microsoft Register Server to register the file again on the Windows system.

  1. Click on the Start menu, then click Run
  2. You will see a new window, type CMD in the box, then press Enter to open the command prompt window
  3. Type “regsvr32_Ccsw32.dll” in the window, and hit Enter again
  4. Close the window, and you will finish to register Ccsw32.dll file

Two – clean up infected viruses and threats

When your computer is infected by dangerous viruses and threats, it is also possible that some important files which including Ccsw32.dll are compromised or damaged by these invaders. Therefore, if you don’t know what cause the error issue on your PC, please conduct a security check for your computer system with a professional antivirus program, and then clean up all the detected viruses as quickly as possible. (please make sure you get the newest version of virus database of your security program)

Three – reinstall the associated application

If the error message always appear when you try to open one certain program, you should try to fix Ccsw32.dll error via reinstalling the program to refresh all the associated components and features on your computer, thus it may be helpful for you to run the program and Ccsw32.dll file normally.

Four – scan and repair associated registries to fix Ccsw32.dll error

The last but not lease approach to resolve this error issue is applying a sophisticated registry clean tool, which is the most popular way in nowadays to handle such kind of error problems on the computer system. For the overloaded issue of the Windows system, people usually encounter some error or runtime errors when using the computer, and the most effective way to repair these registry issues is using an advanced registry clean tool, it will help the computer user to find out all of problematic registries, and repair them automatically. Also want to try this way to fix Ccsw32.dll error? You can try the advanced tool via downloading from here:

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