Prevent and Fix Error Code 1203 – ERROR_NO_NET_OR_BAD_PATH

fix error code 1203

Feel hard to find a way to fix error code 1203 on your computer? What’s the specific error message you receive when the error occurs? Many problems on your PC could be the cause of this error, and you can find the effective resolution below according to the specific situation on your PC.


All about Windows error code 1203

Common error message:
1203 (0x4B3)
The network path was either typed incorrectly, does not exist, or the network provider is not currently available. Please try retyping the path or contact your network administrator.

When the error happens, many people will receive this error message on the computer, if you also have this message when encounter this issue, through which you will be able to get some useful information about the problem:

One – network path you typed is incorrect
Two – network path you typed does not exist
Three – network provider is not currently available

Other possible reasons for this error

  • Corrupted or missing Windows registries
  • Outdated Windows system and drives
  • Malicious virus or malware infection
  • Hardware malfunctions

Error code 1203 should be fixed instantly

If you are encountering this error issue on your computer, there is a point you should be clear that you must fix error code 1203 as soon as possible before more and more further errors occurring, if it is left and neglected on your machine, these problems would be triggered and create more serious system problems:

So how can fix error code 1203 on your Windows system?

It cannot be better if you can make clear what cause this error problem on your computer, and you can take the proper solution directory to repair this Windows error smoothly and quickly. If you have no idea about it, however, don’t worry, try the following steps and you will be able to figure it out.

Step 1 – check and deal with your network problem

Beside the error code 1203, sometimes the error code appear as 0x4B3 especially when it is a network issue,according to the error notification, if it is related to your network connection, please firstly go to check your network connection in these aspects, it is very easy to handle this kind of problems:

  1. Re-type the network path, make sure it is correct and not a typo
  2. Contact network administrator to get obtain the correct information about your network connection, and re-enter it

If there is not a problem with your network connection, please continue to fix error code 1203 with the next step.

Step 2 – update Windows system and device drives

Either outdated Windows system or drive also easily cause this error issue on your PC, so the next step to fix error code 1203 is perform an update for your Windows system as well as device drives.


Update Windows system

If you have been set to update your Windows system automatically, you still can use the following way to install optional updates:

  • Right-click on the Windows button on the desktop
  • Choose Control Panel, then click System and Security



  • Click on Windows Update, and click Check for updates on the left pane


  • Choose to install available updates on your Windows with instructions, if you are needed to provide a administrator confirmation, please enter your administrator password
    Restart your computer

Update drives

  • Right-click on Windows button, select Disk Management


  • Find and locate the drive you need to update, right-click on it, select “update Driver software”


  • Finish the drive update with prompts
  • Reboot your computer

Keep going to the next step if you still get the same error message on your computer.

Step 3 – scan and remove infected viruses


Don’t for that that virus infection is a common cause for many problems on your computer, including damage your important system registry, delete files, stop your network connection as well as display fake error messages…, therefore, in order to fix error code 1203 and also avoid the serious virus attack on your PC and steal your personal information, you should update your antivirus program’s database, and then conduct a thorough virus scan and removal on the computer system.

  • Open your antivirus program, and update it to the newest version
  • Click on scan button to check your whole computer system
  • When the scan result appears, choose to remove all of malicious components
  • Exit the program, and restart your computer

Step 4 – clean Windows registry issues to fix error code 1203

Many Windows error issues also come from the system registry problem, if you are unable to fix error code 1203, the next step you should do is scanning and cleaning your system registry issues. Windows system registry is a core and sensitive database, most of the registries inside are directly related to many Windows features and performance, when some of them are corrupted or deleted mistakenly for people’s incorrect operations, associated functions and performances will be blocked or disabled, thus the Windows system cannot perform as effectively as before.


A registry optimizer and help you repair error code 1203 with registry issues:

Open a registry optimizer on your computer, and use it to scan your computer system
When it finds registry problems on your PC, click on repair them well with instructions
Restart your computer system

Some useful tips:

Clean registry issues instantly is not only an effective way to fix error code 1203 as well as many other problems related to the registry issues, it is also an important and useful way to optimize your computer system performance, and keep the stability of your PC operation. When you encounter this problems on your computer, a registry optimizer will help you a lot:

  • Computer system operates very slowly
  • Too many junk files and occupy the limited system space
  • Computer and installed application often freeze up
  • Windows DLL error, EXE error and Runtime error
  • Corrupted or invalid registry issues


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