Methods to Fix Svchost.exe Error Easily

fix Svchost.exe error

Svchost.exe error is a hot issue that occurs on the computer with Windows XP Professional operating system, the related error messages usually display while you are trying to update the Windows system or use the computer system with a password of the administrator account you set before. Please follow the simple guides below to fix svchost.exe error well on your PC.

File description

Svchost.exe is a process that designed as a “Service Host” on the computer system, and needed by many services related to the system operation. And it is processed and supported by the Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL files) in system registry.

What’s the error problem?

People often come across this EXE error for many different reasons, generally, the error often occurs when the Windows Update is activated before the computer being switched off, or start up the computer system in Safe Mode. There is often an error message appears on the PC, and only allow you to click “OK” to stop the program or choose “Cancel” to debug the program. In order to resolve the problem completely and don’t receive the annoying error notifications next time, you should take measures to fix svchost.exe error quickly on the computer.

Methods can help you fix svchost.exe errors on computer

One – repair it with a registry error fix tool

Since svchost.exe file closely related to many DLL files on the system registry, perform a scan and fix with a registry error fix tool can effectively help you fix all of registry issues related to the process file, and also good for optimizing the system perform as well.

  1. Download and install a registry error fix tool on your PC
  2. Launch the program, and choose to scan the system registry
  3. When the scan is completed, select to fix all of detected registry issues automatically
  4. Restart the computer

Two – check and remove viruses

Although svchost.exe is a legitimate file published by the Microsoft company, there are some malicious viruses might sneak to the computer and disguise as the real svchost.exe file to attack the computer. Therefore, if you suspect that there are some virus infections on the computer, you should update your antivirus program (or install a powerful one) to conduct a thorough scan for your computer, and remove all of viruses which are found on the computer system to fix svchost.exe error.

Three – verify and check the Windows Update Service Configurations

  1. Click to open Start menu >>> Run >>> type “services.msc” in the box >>> click OK
  2. Locate and click on “Automatic Updates” service
  3. Click the “Log On” tab >>> make sure to the “Local System Account” is selected as the default logon account
  4. Uncheck the “Allow service to interact with desktop” service option
  5. And now go to the General tab, check the start-up type is set to Automatic. It it is not, click on the drop-down menu to select the automatic option
  6. Click on the Service Status, enable the service via clicking the Start button. And repeat the same steps on Background Intelligent Transfer Service (or BITS)

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