Max Uninstaller Review

There are countless shareware/freeware on the internet come with different qualities, either good or poor design, these software could sometimes mess up your computer as not all of them are sharing the same install or uninstall pattern. I believe every computer user has experienced similar problems of failed to remove something from the computer, for example, you encountered annoying uninstall errors when you try to uninstall something, or you think you have successfully removed a program but it still show up in your computer, or you are surprised by finding a bunch of leftovers after you uninstall a software and you can’t remove them. Either one of these experience can be very frustrating.

For this situation, many companies developed their own software uninstaller to help computer users solving the problems mentioned above, you can easily find the download recourse as they are widely available on the internet. Max Uninstaller is one of the new arriver on the uninstaller market that captured my attention, it claims to be the fastest and easiest way to remove anything unwanted completely from the computer. So I decided to give it a try, turned out Max Uninstaller didn’t fail my expectation. OK, let’s take a look at what exactly can this program bring to us.

Main interface

Max Uninstaller has a very clean & simple interface, The right hand area display everything you installed in the computer, once you click a program, related detailed information will be showed at the bottom, if you want to uninstall it, all you need to do is follow the instruction on the left side. Although the interface is simple, it displays every element clearly and orderly which makes it very straightforward for users. Just one glance you’ll be able to adapt this software easily.

Max Uninstaller Main Features

  • 1-click uninstall any unwanted or corrupted programs completely with ease.
  • Fix program install errors and corrupted install/uninstall error messages.
  • Clean out all remnants including leftover registry entries and program drivers.
  • Show detailed information of a certain program installed in your computer.
  • Provide intuitive and easy-to-use interface to uninstall/fix program errors.
  • Resovle any difficult program uninstall by 24/7 dedicated technical support!.
  • Easy to use 1-click scan and powerful uninstall capability.
  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems including Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.

From the features given by its official website, we can see that there aren’t too much accessional functions in Max Uninstaller, this program mainly focuses on polishing its uninstalling expertise to make it as easy and effective as possible, the 1-click uninstall is a great feature which really push its easiness and effectiveness to the limit. It can say that Max Uninstaller has basically everything it need to be a qualified uninstaller, but still a little bit disappointed about its function singleness.

How it work.

Of course we can not judge a program just by reading plain words or looking at its interface, a solid test is needed to tell whether Max Uninstaller really works. We decided to try the Norton Internet Security removal with Max Uninstaller.

Norton Internet Security is no doubt one of the most famous antivirus software in the world, but it is also known as a troublesome program when comes to uninstallation issue as the normal method won’t apply to it. It is just the perfect sample to test if an uninstaller can really do the trick. Generally speaking, Max Uninstaller was doing great in the test, it literally makes uninstalling Norton Internet Security as simple as it gets with four easy steps, see the below process

Step1. Select Norton Internet Security in the program list, click Run Analysis, and Max Uninstaller will scan out all the components of Norton Internet Security including file, folder and registry entries.

Step2. Click Complete Uninstall button to start uninstalling Norton Internet Security

Step3. After Norton Internet Security program were uninstalled, Max Uninstaller will prompt you to scan leftover. Click the button given.

Step4. Then you’ll be given a list a Norton Internet Security leftover showing what exactly is been left in your computer after the regular uninstallation. Click “Delete Leftover” button, and Norton Internet Security will be removed completely from your computer.

As you can see, within four simple steps Max Uninstaller will be able to remove the things you want completely, the whole process won’t even take 1 minute. We try a few other stubborn programs after Norton Internet Security, Max Uninstaller also worked like a charm.

Sum up

Compare to other similar product, Max Uninstaller do not have much additional features, but the uninstall function is solid and effective, considering the pricing is only $29.95 which is lower than the average, we think it is reasonable and acceptable for most of the people. Max Uninstaller also provides free demo download, you may try the demo first to see whether you would like to get the full version. All in all, If you have trouble with removing something in your PC, and you want a solid uninstall solution that can guarantee a faster and easier removal, go try Max Uninstaller, you can’t go wrong with this program.

John McDowell Windows Certified Expert

John McDowell is an professional computer engineer who currently running his own computer company. He has over 12 years computer experience and would like to share his personal tips and knowledge about computer maintenance and problem troubleshooting to anybody who needs it.

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