Iw3mp.exe Error Repair – What’s the Good Way to Fix Iw3mp.exe Error on PC

Iw3mp.exe is a process locates in the Call Of Duty 4 which is a popular game that based on the events of World War II, those various 3D options inside the COD4 game should be performed with the support of this executable file, otherwise, you will not be able to play the game smoothly and have to face the annoying error notifications in front of the game.

Are you a big fan of Call Of Duty 4? Are you troubled by the iw3mp.exe error occurring on the game? This error would trigger the annoying error message constantly displaying on your computer, like:
Call of Duty 4 Mutliplayer iw3mp.exe – Entry Point Not Found
iw3mp.exe Has Stopped Working

And then, your compute will become very difficult to be used, for that:

  • The computer system performance become very slow, and often result in freeze up
  • The iw3mp.exe error message always keep on the screen when you try to play the COD4 game on your PC
  • Blue Screen of death error problem
  • Associated processes and files cannot be activated and used on the computer smoothly

General reasons for the computer being encountered the error problem:

  • Your computer’s drivers are corrupted or outdated
  • Some Windows registries are dismissed or damaged
  • The computer system has something wrong with its settings

Feasible ways to fix iw3mp.exe error successfully on computer

First step – update your Windows and drivers

Performing an update for your Windows and drivers, and making your computer own the newest and most effective functions would fix some bugs and disadvantages in the previous version. It will upgrade the compatibility of the system files, registries as well as the drivers, and make it can be able to cooperate with other programs more effectively on the computer. Since iw3mp.exe error is sometimes caused by the outdated Windows or drivers cannot instantly and successfully read it on the computer, updating the Windows and drivers is the easier and most effective method to solve this problem.

Second step – reinstall the iw3mp.exe file

If the update job cannot help you to fix iw3mp.exe error problem, you can try to reinstall the iw3mp.exe file on your computer, which is also a relatively easy solution, you can look for a compatible file from another computer or the online resource, and then download and install in its default location to replace the previous one. It will wipe off the previous corrupted file cannot be read by other applications and the computer system, and you will be able to paly the Call Of Duty 4 again.

If do not work, reinstall the COD4 game

Reinstalling the COD4 game will help you to refresh everything on the game, which including the iw3mp.exe file and its related registry files and data, that’s to say, all of the errors on the game which including the iw3mp.exe error will be removed with the previous COD4 game, but as many people know that reinstalling the game will take you a certain time and efforts.

Third step – fix your Windows registry issue

When the above methods are all failed, the last thing you should do is installing a good registry fix program on your computer(if you have installed one, you just need to update it with the newest version), and then make use of it to scan the whole computer system, it will help you to find out all of problematic DLL files, EXE files and other registry files on your computer system, and then just need to choose all of detected errors and click on the fix button, these error problems will be solved completely and effectively on your PC, the iw3mp.exe error repair is just in the same way.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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