Instructions to Help You Fix Error Code 29

fix Error Code 29

Windows error with code 29 is a problem related to the Device Manager on computer, many of you guys may not know how to fix error code 29 when get this issue on PC. So now, let’s see what does the error code mean and how can effectively get rid of it.

All about the Windows error

Error code 29 belongs to the Device Manager error issue that usually happens when the device is disabled for the associated BIOS cannot provide enough and related resources to support it. Thus, the computer will display one of the following error messages when such an invalid feature is required by Windows system:


    29 (0x1D)
    The system cannot write to the specified device.
  • “This device is disabled because the firmware of the device did not give it the required resources. (Code 29)”

What are symptoms of error 29?

It must be a terrible thing to be annoyed by the problem, because it will trigger many additional issues and troubles on computer, for instance:

  • Several active programs get freezing or crash
  • Computer also crashes frequently
  • Slower running speed of the computer
  • Annoying error message appears on the screen all the time
  • Other error problems or DLL and EXE issues appear

It is always a hard issue for many people to fix error code 29 on their PCs, so, please refer to the following resolutions carefully, then you will be able to repair it well and get rid of its annoying error messages and further problems.

Try to fix error code 29 in this way

Enable the device in the BIOS


BIOS, with the full name of Basic Input/Output System, is a kind of firmware that often used by the Windows system during computer start-up. When there is a device is disabled, and cannot contact to the BIOS and utilize associated features and files, the error problem will be triggered. Since this is the most common reason for the issue, it is often firstly consider to enable the device in BIOS to fix error code 29.

Restart your computer, press F2 at the very beginning to access BIOS Setup utility
Select the device and enable it on the menu, if it has been enabled, you can firstly disable it, and re-enable it again to get a fresh setting

Update associated device driver


To fix error code 29, the second step you should take is checking and updating the associated device driver to the newest version, because the corrupt or outdated device driver is often a big cause of error 29 and many other computer running problems. Therefore, please finding the device responsible for the Windows error, then update the driver to latest version in device manager.


  • Click to open Start menu (you should right-click on the start button if you get a computer with Windows 8), click on Device Manager
  • Locate the target device, and right-click on it
  • Select to update the device driver
  • Exit Device Manager when it is completed, and restart your computer

There is another way also enables you to update the driver, which is applying a good driver optimizer, which is specialized in resolving different kinds of driver issue and helping the computer user to update their device drivers automatically.

Repair system registry issues


System Registry is always regarded as a central database of the Windows system, because it is a place that stores a great deal of core files and configurations, so it is not advised to manually edit the registry inside or conduct any manual repair, unless you are a computer expert, instead, to fix error code 29 via repairing registry issues, it is recommended to use a professional registry fix tool, which enable you to find out the existed registry issues automatically and accurately, then you can fix all of them with the tool’s repairing feature.

This is a type of file that closely related to the Windows system performance and many applications’ operations on the computer, so you should take some measures to protect these registries well from any damage or invalid issue.

Fix system file corrupt issues

System File Checker is a useful utility attached in the Windows system that can help people to scan and restore corrupted system files automatically, if you repair the associated system files which cause the error issue, you will be able to fix error code 29 effectively with this registry issue.

  • Make sure you start the computer system as administrator
  • Click on the Windows search button, type “command” in its text box, and hit Enter
  • Type “sfc /scannow” in the black window, and hit Enter again
  • The System File Checker will start to scan for corrupt system files and try to restore them on the system
  • Follow the prompts to finish the process, and then restart your computer

Contact computer manufacturer to fix error code 29

If the above resolutions fail to help you get this error fixed well, you will need to contact to your computer manufacturer for asking an update for the BIOS, and install it on your computer.

If the BIOS update cannot help you to fix error code 29, you should contact the computer manufacturer for further tech support.


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