Instructions to Fix Wermgr.exe Error on Windows System

Wermgr.exe error

Wermgr.exe is created as an important process file that belonging to the Windows operating system, and it is responsible for executing the service of Windows Problem Reporting for process sxstrace.exe and explorer.exe, but sometimes you will come across some problems with this file and required to fix wermgr.exe error well.

The fault location of this file is the system folder “C:\Windows\System32\wermgr.exe”, when you encounter some problems with this EXE file, a series of services and features associated to the file must fail to operate or process smoothly on the computer system, and you will also constantly receive the wermgr.exe error notification. Why does the file suddenly encounter such an error problem on the computer? It is possibly because:

  • Malicious trojan virus infection
  • Process wermgr.exe is damaged or missing
  • Associated process files or DLL files are corrupted
  • Program you newly installed is not compatible with the Windows system
  • System registry issues

Steps to fix wermgr.exe error effectively on PC

First step – remove infected viruses

Virus PWS:Win32/Delf.BE, Win32/AdRevMedia and W97M/Chack.AE are all the popular virus infections in recently that usually infect the computer system in a private way, and they will start to infect the system processes including wermgr.exe via modifying, replacing or even deleting them on the Windows. As we all know that virus infection is definitely an emergency for the computer security, so, in order to protect the computer system, you personal privacy as well as fix wermgr.exe error effectively, it is necessary to perform a virus scan and removal on your PC.

  1. Open your installed antivirus program, update the virus database to the newest version
  2. Click to scan the whole computer system
  3. Choose to remove all of detected viruses
  4. Close the program, and restart your computer to get a refreshed computer environment

Second step – reinstall the associated application

As an incompatible program installing the computer, several system processes and files must occur the conflict issue with the new member, and cannot load or operate on the PC as normal. In this situation, to fix wermgr.exe error, please consider to uninstall the application on your computer, and then you can choose to install a new one which claims to be compatible with your specific Windows operating system.

Third step – repair corrupted system files with System File Checker

Wermgr.exe is a system file that closely related to other Windows files on the comptuer, the corruption of related files on the system folder also can cause the error issue. In order to repair those corrupted system files to fix wermgr.exe error well, please run the System File Checker on the PC to make the system repair those corrupted files by itself.

  1. Click on Start menu > Search > type “command” in the box
  2. Press CTRL-Shift on your keyboard and hit Enter
  3. Click Yes to open a permission dialog box
  4. Type “sfc /scannow” in the box > press Enter
  5. Then the System File Checker will be activated and start to check and fix the system file problems

Fourth step – fix wermgr.exe error with a registry repair tool

The last but not lease step is to scan your computer system with a powerful registry repair tool, which will help you identify all the problematic registries on the Windows system, and then applying the fixing process with this advanced tool to fix all of registry issues automatically. Thus, those corrupted files related to the wermgr.exe will be repaired well, and enable you to fix wermgr.exe error automatically and quickly.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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