How to Repair and Fix Services.exe Error


It is not strange for the computer with Microsoft Windows operating system being troubled by the services.exe error issue, which is a common problem that would happen on many computers, if you want to fix services.exe error, you should get a better understanding about this file and the proper repairing resolution.

What’s services.exe?

Digitally signed from Microsoft Windows Component Publisher – Microsoft Timestamping Service, file services.exe is known as Windows Services Control Manager that responsible for starting, stopping as well as managing different system services as required. Because of its greatly important situation on the computer system, it should not be terminated or even removed on PC, otherwise, many serious system problems will come out and cause you cannot use the computer as usual.

What cause the services.exe error?

Error issues with this important system files can be due to many situations and problems on the computer. Generally, people will get the associated error notification when they attempt to start or shut down the computer, or do any other system operation, and the message will be like:


“Cannot find services.exe.”
“Error starting program: services.exe.”
“An access violation has occurred in Services.exe.”

After that, many services and processes closely related to this file will be unexpectedly terminated, and even always make the system to be resulted in crash or free-up. Therefore, it is highly recommended to fix services.exe error as quickly as possible once you get it on your machine.

Solutions to fix services.exe error on Windows system

One – scan for malicious virus or malware

Although services.exe itself is not a dangerous virus that could cause any infection problem on the computer, system and this file are often the target of many virus attacks. So, in order to make sure your computer is protected well from malicious virus infections, please go to update your installed antivirus program (or get a new and professional on on your PC) to do a thorough scan for the computer system security, once malicious infections are found, you should clean them up completely with the application, then restart your computer to refresh the whole Windows system.

Two – run System File Checker

Do you know there is an useful utility called System File Checker on your Windows system? Have you even been used it to fix the system error problems? If you don’t know what is it before reading this post, I would like to do a brief introduction for this important utility and wish you can benefit a lot from it.

System File Checker is a system file repair tool attached in the Windows, it is specialized in finding the problematic file on your computer system, and then try to fix them automatically to recover the corrupted files. So it will be a good way to help you fix services.exe error, as it is able to repair those damaged files related to the services.exe process.

  • Click to open the Start menu, then type “command” in the search box


  • Press Ctrl and Shift at the same time and hit Enter
  • Click Yes on the permission dialog box
  • Then you will see a black box with a blinking cursor on it
  • Type “sfc /scannow” and press Enter


  • It will help you to activate the System File Checker, which will scan and fix the system file problems for you
  • Finish the fixing and restart your computer

Three – clean registry issues to fix services.exe error

What’s the most common reason of this system file problem? The answer must be the Windows system registry issue, which occurs on the computer frequently and finally result in different DLL, EXE errors like services.exe error. To get an effective repair of the services.exe file, you should perform a registry issue fix on the computer system.

Why it is so easy to encounter a registry error? This is because the computer and installed applications constantly using and loading the registries, which cause many registries easily to be overwritten, moved to other place, or even damaged. Therefore, to fix services.exe error, you should perform a fix for those associated registries which have been unluckily corrupted on the system, and a sophisticated registry error fix tool can help you to complete the repair with ease.

Additional repairing suggestion:

Some computer professionals also suggest to use a hotfix provided by the Microsoft, which can help you to solve the specific problem on your PC (please make sure your computer system is Windows XP SP2, or you should install the newest XP service pack firstly), for more information about this method, you can refer to the associated web page in Microsoft. Finally, hope the above resolutions can help you to fix services.exe error effectively and easily on your computer.


Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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