How to Quickly Fix Tosbtapi.dll Error With no Hassle

Tosbtapi.dll is a file comes from Toshiba Bluetooth Stack for Windows, if your computer had ever install such kind of program, the Tosbtapi.dll will be store in the location of C:\WINDOWS\system32 (the letter C may change according to your particular system drive letter), the function of the file is to initiate protocols to ensure the Bluetooth connection on your computer can function properly.
Sometimes people may encounter the Tosbtapi.dll error telling that Tosbtapi.dll file is missing and certain program is unable to start. Usually this error is caused by one or several of the below reasons.

  • The Tosbtapi.dll file was deleted from your computer accidentally.
  • Computer is attacked by malware and the dll file was damaged by it
  • The Bluetooth software is not installed completely on your computer.
  • The Bluetooth setting is modify.
  • Related registry key is corrupt or malfunction.

Though Tosbtapi.dll is not classified as dangerous system errors, it should be fix promptly without hesitation, leaving this error on your computer not only you can’t access Bluetooth software, also it could generate other system problems.

Fix Tosbtapi.dll with no hassle

Before you start to fix the error, it is recommended to run a malware scan with a trusted anti-malware, since the error can be caused by malware infection, if that is your case, the malware will continually damage the file so the Tosbtapi.dll error will not be fixed as long as the your computer is infected. There are many trusted program available on the internet such as Norton, Mcafee, AVG, that could help you effectively detect and remove malware infection as well as stop malware from invading your system.

Restore the lost Tosbtapi.dll file

1. If the Tosbtapi.dll error on your computer is causing by the missing Tosbtapi.dll file, do one of the following to restore the file to get this error fixed.
Check the Windows recycle bin of your computer, if the file got deleted by you mistakenly, if file should be in the recycle bin, well, if you haven’t perform the “empty recycle bin” action. If you found the file on recycle bin, simply right click on it and select Restore option.

2. If you have emptied the recycle bin, you can download a data recovery software to help you recover the file, keep in mind that recovery software can not 100% guarantee to work, use it at your own risk.

3. Uninstall the Bluetooth software from your computer by using the Add/Remove program, then reinstall it.

4. Visit, search the term of download Tosbtapi.dll, pick a website to download the dll file, then place the downloaded file to the \WINDOWS\system32 of your system drive and restart your computer. Before you decide you download the file, do make sure the website is clean and trusted, do not download dll file from unknown website that is full of pop-up ads.

5. Download and install the file by using professional dll error fix tool like DLLSmith, go perform the below three steps:

  • Download DLLSmith here and install it in your PC.
  • Launch the fix tool and the program will automatically search Tosbtapi.dll from authorised recourse.
  • Click Download and Fix Now button to download the dll file on to your PC, the program will automatically install the dll file onto your system and the Tosbtapi.dll error will be fix by then.

Clean Windows registry

Registry problem is one of the main causes for Tosbtapi.dll error and other common dll error. If you tried out the above solutions and the error still persist, that may indicates a registry problem. Sometimes the registry is just so clogged up and many of the registry data stored within can not be accessed by the Windows successfully, and that’s why the error show up. To fix the problem you gotta take care of the registry frist, and that’s where registry cleaner comes to help, a reliable registry cleaner not only helps you clean up the bloated registry and fix the related error but also speed up your computer significantly. You can follow the below three simple steps to manage the problem:

John McDowell Windows Certified Expert

John McDowell is an professional computer engineer who currently running his own computer company. He has over 12 years computer experience and would like to share his personal tips and knowledge about computer maintenance and problem troubleshooting to anybody who needs it.

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