How-to Guides to Fix Error Code 26 on PC

fix error code 26

As a common Windows system error, error code 26 occurs on may people’s computers, and is regarded as a troublesome issue that difficult to be resolved for many common users. If you are still confused about how to figure out this error issue, don’t worry, we will share some effective resolutions to help you fix error code 26 for good.


People who get an error code 26 often receive a message states that “The specified disk or diskette cannot be accessed” or “Windows is in the process of setting up this device“, more annoyingly, many applications and Windows features cannot perform as effectively as before, and the computer system also encounter many other running problems, such as:

  • Cannot launch a program or a Windows utility with success
  • Failed to use some services and functions
  • Computer system cannot start up or shut down smoothly
  • More and more features and processes on the PC become invalid
  • Invalid or error issues with DLL or EXE file

Why your computer encounter such a error?

Many common users who lack of computer knowledge and experience have no idea about the specific cause of error code. Actually, it is often caused by the following issues on your PC:

  • There is a program which does not install on the computer completely
  • Windows system encounters a temporary error which may be caused by the incorrect start-up
  • Program conflict problem
  • Associated Windows system registries encounter missing or corrupt issue

What are effective way to fix error code 26

Restart your computer


When this is the first time you get the error code on your computer, it may be caused by a device being not able to load during the computer’s start-up. So the first solution is very easy: just to restart your computer, and then check the problem again.

Important tips for system error repair: many people may not know that there are a great deal of Windows errors can be fixed by a simple computer restart, so if it is the first time you get an error, your first response should be restart your computer system to troubleshoot it like fix error code 26. If the error still exist, start to find out the specific cause and try other resolutions.

Remove the problematic program and install again

Incomplete installation or corruption issue of a program is often a cause of the Windows error code 26, because the computer is unable to load or activate such an application as other programs. Therefore, you should take a way to firstly get rid of this program on your PC, then install it again if you really need it.

How about removing a corrupt program?

Some people may find that the corrupt program does not appear as an available removing program, either in Windows uninstall feature or third party uninstall tool. In this case, you should invite a more powerful removal tool which provides the additional support for you to uninstall this kind of program effective on the machine. Or you can choose to locate and delete everything related to the software manually, this method is also available for remove the program which does not install completely or successfully on your computer.


Uninstall the program which is not compatible with your system

When a program which is not compatible with your Windows system or other installed programs, with its coming to your computer, many programs and functions on the System will be affected and cannot perform normally. If you just receive the error code after installing a new application, you should think about removing this program on your computer, and go to check whether the problem and error code has been disappeared on the PC. If it is work for you to fix error code 26 effectively, please remember to not to install the program on your computer, and be cautious about the compatibility of program when you want to install.

Remove and re-install associated device

If it is a device problem (corrupt or invalid problem), you can choose to fix error code 26 via removing the related device, and reinstall it on the computer.


  • (Win 7) Click on Start > Control Panel > Device Manager
    Find and locate the device you need to remove via scrolling download the list
    Right-click on the device name, click the remove button
  • (Win 8) Right-click on Start > Device Manager
  • Select the target device and uninstall it on the list
  • Restart your computer, then open Device Manager again
  • Double-click on Add New Hardware to install the device again with instructions

Check your system registry and fix associated issues


When encountering an error issue like code 26, System Registry is a part that you should not neglect, this is because it is often the big cause of such kind of system problems on the computer, either corrupted registry or invalid issue probably cause an system error on your PC. So, in order to fix error code 26 smoothly, you should get start to check your System Registry and and fix those registry issues in it.

  • Equip your computer with a good registry repair utility
  • Scan your computer system completely for registry issues
  • When it is completed, click on the fix button to repair all of registry problems automatically
  • Close the utility when finish, and restart your computer


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