How to Fix Windows Installer Error 1603 Well on Computer

Fix Windows Installer Error 1603

When you are trying to install or download something from your computer, are you bothered by the annoying Windows Installer Error 1603? Some people complain that this error code always appearing on the computer and don’t know how can clean up. So maybe it’s time for getting an effective solution to fix Windows Installer Error 1603 on the computer.

Windows Installer Error 1603 is a common error code that indicates some certain problems in the Microsoft Installer Application settings. And different computers will have different reasons of being encountered the error issue, the most common ones are:

  • You are trying to install a program into a folder which is encrypted
  • The Windows system does not have the Control permission on the folder you are going to install
  • virus and spyware attack
  • There are some registry errors in the Windows system

Error code information:
“Error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation”
“Error 1603: General Windows Installer engine error. Increase DiskSpace requirement in Setup.ini and try again.”

It is not a wise choice to neglect this error code and continue to use the computer, because the system problem might be deteriorated and cause a number of issues to affect the system performance seriously.

Tips about how can fix Windows Installer Error 1603 easily

Manual solution to the issue

If the problem just occurs when you are trying on install an application on the folder which is encrypted, or the system don’t have the full control permissions on the folder that you try to install, you can try the following method to fix Windows Installer Error 1603 manually, but as you can see that the most important precondition is that you have the enough knowledge and experience about your computer system.

  1. Double click to open “My Computer” > right click on the disk you try to install the application > select “Properties” in the displaying menu
  2. Click Security tab on the Properties, and choose the right option below to continue the fix:
    Windows 2000 — verify the Name box include the SYSTEM user account
    Windows XP — verify the Group/user names box contains the System user account
  3. If you cannot find the system user account inside, please manually add the account in it:
  4. Click on Add > click System in the Select Users or Groups dialog box > click Add
  5. And then go to the Permissions section > select “Full Control” check box > click Advanced
    For Windows XP — check the “Replace permission entries on all child objects …child objects” option
    For other users — check the “Reset permissions on all child objects …permissions” box, and click OK
  6. Try to install the Windows Installer package again

While taking a look at the complex manual steps, really want another way which can help you to fix Windows Installer Error 1603 much easily? Advanced registry fix tool will be the better choice for you.

Automatic way to fix Windows Installer Error 1603

While taking use a registry error fix tool, the repair steps will be much easier and all the users need to to is moving the mouse and taking several clicking jobs. This is a kind of optimize tool that specialized in identifying and repairing all of registry errors on the computer system, and thus people can effectively get rid of many problems and issues which are caused by these problematic registries in the system without their knowing and control.

Specific steps to fix Windows Installer Error 1603 with registry error fix tool:

  1. Install and start the fix tool on the computer
  2. Click on scan the whole system for registry issues
  3. Choose to repair all of registry errors detected on the PC
  4. Restart the computer system after the repair

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