VbRun300.dll Error Fix – How to Troubleshot VbRun300.dll Cannot Find Error

VbRun300.dll is one of the most important Dynamic-link library file which is stored in the Windows/System directory, it is a run-time engine to allow programs developed by Visual Basic 3.0 can run properly. If your computer has no such run-time engine, related programs will be unable to function properly, and instead, you will receive error messages like ‘Cannot find VBRUN300.DLL. Windows needs this file to run C:\Project1.exe.’, ‘Cannot find VBRUN300.DLL.’ , if you seen problems like that happen in your computer and is seeking solutions to fix VbRun300.dll, here you are in the right place.

What cause the error

  • Windows is unable to locate the dll file when related program is launched.
  • The VbRun300.dll file was moved to a wrong location in your computer.
  • The program you are trying to open is corrupted or incompatible with the system.
  • Your computer has errors in the registry database.

Basically, VbRun300.dll error can be caused by one or several of the above problems, if you want to fix it thoroughly, you need to figure out what exactly cause the error and then suit the remedy to the case.

Solutions to fix VbRun300.dll error

1.Retrieve the VbRun300.dll file through the internet by following the below steps:

  • Use search engine like google.com or yahoo.com to search the keyword of \download VbRun300.dll’ or ‘VbRun300.dll download’
  • Select a trusted website from the search result to download the dll file.
  • Save the file onto your local hard drive.
  • Navigate to the folder of C:\Windows\System32.
  • Place the downloaded dll file to that folder.
  • Type cmd in the run commend box from the Start menu and hit OK.
  • Type in the commend regsvr32 VBRun300.dll and press Enter.

2. Reinstall the program that bring you the error

  • Go to Start menu of Windows.
  • Click Control Panel > Add/Remove
  • In the list, locate and highlight the program that trigger the error.
  • Click ‘Remove’ or ‘Remove/Change’ button
  • Follow the wizard to remove the program in your computer.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Run the setup file of that program again or insert its installation CD to reinstall it.
  • Open the program again and see if the error still happen.

Note: You should only try this solution under the condition that the VbRun300.dll error occur only when you open certain particular program, if you see the error happen in system startup or other occasions, this solution may not work for your particular case.

3. Clean and fix registry
You may wonder what does VbRun300.dll error has to do with Windows registry, actually registry problems can be the very reason that caused the VbRun300.dll error. If you had tried the above solutions but the error still exist, that pretty much indicates the error was caused by registry problems in your computer. The best solution to this situation is run a registry cleaner to clean up invalid vbrun300.dll entries that might be causing the DLL error. You can download the cleaner program here and perform the below three simple steps to fix VbRun300.dll error easily:

John McDowell Windows Certified Expert

John McDowell is an professional computer engineer who currently running his own computer company. He has over 12 years computer experience and would like to share his personal tips and knowledge about computer maintenance and problem troubleshooting to anybody who needs it.

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