How to Fix Twunk_32.exe Error Properly and Easily


Do you always receive a twunk_32.exe error message on your computer? Can you handle this kind of EXE problem by yourself? Taking an effective way to fix twunk_32.exe error instantly is as important as other PC error repair.

File description

Twunk_32.exe is a process file belonging to software Twain Thunker which is developed by company Twain Working Group, with the full name of Twain.dll Client’s 32-Bit Thunking Server, this EXE file is not a crucial component for the Windows system but important for the associated installed application, so you can not disable or removed it if you have Twain Thunker program installed on your PC.

About twunk_32.exe error

Error starting program: twunk_32.exe.
twunk_32.exe file may be mistakenly deleted by someone, computer antivirus or system cleaning tools.
The configuration entries of twunk_32.exe file is still active in the system registry.

In most of cases, people can get the basic error information from the error message, like the reason for this error issue and situation of associated program, after that, there will be some further problems being caused by the EXE problem, like freezing program or computer, system crash or high CPU usage. In this case, it is necessary to find out a proper solution to fix twunk_32.exe error quickly on the computer.

What’s the good way to fix twunk_32.exe error

Conduct a virus scan and removal

Although twunk_32.exe is not a file or component harmful for the Windows system, it could be the infected target of such viruses as Virus:VBS/Carnival.B and Trojan:Win32/Comisproc, which will eat up nearly all the CPU usage and also install some malicious files and programs on the computer. In order to protect the computer system from risky virus infection, and fix twunk_32.exe error in this situation, please take a powerful antivirus program to scan your computer system, and remove all of virus infection.

Antivirus program is a kind of application that had already have a very sophisticated technology and skill to find out and remove any infected viruses, and additionally protect the computer from various outside attackers, therefore, a computer should be equipped with an advanced antivirus software like ESET, Microsoft security utility or Symantec, and make sure they are always activated to protect your PC.

Re-install Twain Thunker software

There is another case that file twunk_32.exe just cannot operate smoothly for the Twain Thunker software being corrupted. So you can try to fix twunk_32.exe error via re-installing the program on your computer.

(for Windows 8 users)

  • Open Task Manager (press Ctrl + Alt + Delete) and stop Twain Thunker’s associated process running on the PC
  • Right-click on the Start button, and select Programs and Features




  • Find and select Twain Thunker on the programs list, click on Uninstall
  • Follow the wizard to finish the Twain Thunker removal
  • Clean the remnant files if you can find on the computer
  • Reboot the computer to complete the removal
  • Download a newest version of Twain Thunker, and install it again on your PC

Restore your computer system to a previous restore point

Once encountering an error problem which you don’t know how to figure it out, restoring your Windows system to a previous date before the error occurs is a good way to avoid this issue and make your computer system come back to normal. So if you yourself or the Windows itself just had set a restore point before the error occurs, please try to restore your computer system to the previous date.

(for Windows 8 users)

  • Click on “This PC” > go to the “Computer” tab on the top left > select “System properties”




  • Click to open the “System protection” section on the left pane


  • Click on “System Restore…”,


  • Choose the restore point you would like to restore
  • Start the system restore with the instructions

If you fail to conduct a system restore to the previous state, you should consider to take another method like applying a registry cleaner to fix your system problems.

Fix twunk_32.exe error with Registry Cleaner

Although twunk_32.exe is not an essential Windows system component, many system registries are important and indispensable for the smooth and effective operation of Twain Thunker and twunk_32.exe process, so you should make sure those registries are working well on the PC, or you should take a good Registry Cleaner to repair the registry issue instantly to fix twunk_32.exe error.

Registry Cleaner is a useful program that can help to repair different kinds of registry errors and also clean those junk files on the system as well, thus, many problems and issues related to these registry corrupt issues will be fixed well. Please also note that in order to take good care of your computer system, you should clean your system junk files regularly to optimize the system structure, and fix those error issues related to the system registry with a good Registry Cleaner.

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