How to Fix MSVCR100D.dll Error – DLL Error Fix Tips


MSVCR100D.dll is a component of the Windows 7 operating system that is mainly used to find various system application origins at the runtime of those third party software programs, and plays an essential role in supporting the Windows system and the program operation. But many people find that this important file on their computers encounter some problem, especially when they using the Visual C++ 2010, the MSVCR100D.dll error will present on the computer.

The MSVCR100D.dll error often occur when the system or related program is unable to read it from its default location on the computer, and such a similar error message will display to inform you about this error problem:

“MSVCR100D.dll is missing”
“The program can’t start because Msvcr100d.dll Error is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

Why does the error appear on the computer?

There are many potential reasons that can cause the error issue on the computer, to get rid of and fix MSVCR100D.dll error problem effectively, you should firstly make clear about what’s the specific cause of this problem on your computer.

Potential reasons of this error issue:

  • Missing or corruption of the MSVCR100D.dll file or its related registry entries
  • Improper or corrupted Windows registries and settings
  • Outdated Windows system issue
  • Virus or malware invasion

In order to make sure all of applications and the system performance can operate effectively on the computer, you should take measures to fix MSVCR100D.dll error as soon as possible.

Steps to fix MSVCR100D.dll error on the computer

First step, scan and remove infected virus on your computer

Every one knows the dangerous situation when the computer is invaded by malicious malware or virus, many destructions will happen on your computer and make you cannot use the computer as well as protect your personal privacy well on the Internet. To protect your computer and the file from being attacked by the malicious virus, you should invite a powerful antivirus program to do a thorough check for your computer system, and remove all of these invaders on your PC as quickly as possible.

Second step – replace the MSVCR100D.dll file on your computer

When this error issue occurs just because the file is corrupted or missing on the computer system or its default location, reinstalling a new and intact DLL file on your computer can help you solve this error problem.

Instructions to replace the file with a new one on its default location:

  • One: download two new MSVCR100D.dll file from a reputable download resource, one is the original msvcr100.dll, another is the debugger msvcr100d.dll.
  • Two: copy and past the dll and paste it twice into these 2 new locations. The 1st paste goes into C:\Windows\System32B. The 2nd paste goes into C:\Windows\SysWOW64
  • Three: copy the remaining dll and paste it twice in the same 2 new locations.
  • Four: deleting the 2 original zip files and their 2 extract folders
  • Five: restart the computer

If you are still having this problem after performing these two fixing steps, the next step you should do will be checking and fixing the system registry problems,

Third step – check and fix system registry problems

Detecting and cleaning registry error issues on the computer system is often an important and difficult step to fix MSVCR100D.dll error, as many important settings and registry files contain in this central database, if you have very limited knowledge and experience about the computer, a registry error fix applications will be more suitable and effective for you to fix MSVCR100D.dll error and other similar problems on the computer.

Fix MSVCR100D.dll error with a registry fix application

  • One: open the registry error fix application on the computer, and scan your computer system
  • Two: wait till the scan result displays, and highlight all of error issues it detects
  • Three: click to activate the fixing process
  • Four: restart the computer after finishing the fixing process.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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