How to Fix MsMpEng.exe Error – Repair Missing or Corrupted Error Issue

MsMpEng.exe is created as an executable process that widely used by many Microsoft system security products, such as Windows Defender, Microsoft Antimalware Service, Microsoft Security Essentials or Microsoft Malware Protection, its main responsibility is to perform the virus scanning procedures to remove infected viruses and threats, and also prevent those malicious outside attackers, which is an important security file that should be maintained on the Windows system.

MsMpEng.exe error

“… A required component is missing msmpeng.exe Please install the application again.”
“MsMpEng.exe Application Error The instruction at 0x7c911c48? referenced memory at 0x0031005c. The memory cannot be read. Click OK to terminate or Cancel to debug. “
“This application failed to start because msmpeng.exe was not found”

MsMpEng.exe error is a general computer error problem that will create some troubles and dangers of the computer use and security. And many situations and issues on the computer will easily trigger this error problem, such as: corrupted or invalid Windows registry files, private or sensitive information loss, driver update failure, missing or corruption of the MsMpEng.exe process, virus invasion, or the accidental removal of the Microsoft security techniques and files.

As file MsMpEng.exe is a greatly important component for the security of Microsoft operating system, you must fix MsMpEng.exe error immediately with effective solution when it occurs on your computer, otherwise, more serious security problems will be caused on your computer system.

Available solutions to fix MsMpEng.exe error quickly and effectively on computer

Manual solution – check and fix MsMpEng.exe error for all possible reasons

As many people are not clear about the specific cause of the error issue on their computer, to solve the error problem manually, it is often required to check all of possible reasons of the problem, and try all of possible solutions.

Update your Windows system and the related Microsoft security applications

As the MsMpEng.exe is an executable process for the Microsoft security, to make sure it can perform on the computer effectively and smoothly, you should firstly go to check whether your Windows system and related Microsoft security applications are updated to the newest version, if not, perform an update for your system and related security applications like Windows Defender and Microsoft Antimalware Service, which can easily be achieve via the Microsoft update utility.

Reinstall the MsMpEng.exe process and re-register the related DLL file

Sometimes the error problem is caused by the MsMpEng.exe process being damaged or mistakenly removed from the computer. In this case, you will need to reinstall the process and re-register its related DLL component like mpoav.dll on your computer.

  1. Go to the Internet to download a reliable and compatible MsMpEng.exe process (Microsoft download center is recommended)
  2. Save and install the process on your computer
  3. Return to the desktop, click on Start > Run > type “cmd” in the box
  4. When there is a new box appear, type “regsvr32_mpoav.dll” in the box, and press Enter

If these manual solutions do not help you fix MsMpEng.exe error, you can go online to find the further help or refer to the following automatic solution.

Automatic and effective solution: utilize a professional registry error fixer

As performing the manual fixing solution is not an easy task for many computer users, and it also may not guarantee 100% to fix MsMpEng.exe error. Therefore, it is suggested to use an advanced registry error fixer which is specialized in scanning the computer system and fixing all of registry error issues which is the most common cause for the DLL or EXE error issues on computer. When use a sophisticated registry error fixer, it is able to find out all of registry errors related to the MsMpEng.exe error, and fix them automatically and quickly on your PC.

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