How to Fix Mshtml.dll Could Not Be Found Error – Download Mshtml.dll Error Fix

What is mshtml.dll

mshtml.dll is a Dynamic Link Library (.dll) file which is used extensively by Internet Explorer browser which is basically a part of Windows. It also helps various different programs to run smoothly and is something that you have to install on your system in order to run certain programs that were created with it. Many computers that do not have the file installed thus often show the mshtml.dll error.

The typical error messages from Mshtml.dll

Experiencing windows errors such as “error mshtml.dll” problem will be quite annoying. These errors often pop up when you never expect it.
Following are the typical examples of what mshtml.dll error will say:

  • Mshtml.dll file could not be found
  • Unable to Locate DLL – The Dynamic Link Library mshtml.dll could not be found in the specified path.
  • Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • “Cannot load this application because a file is missing; Reinstall the program might solve the problem.”

Possible causes

The main cause of this error is the absence of the correct version of mshtml.dll file on your PC.

  • Mshtml.dll is damaged or corrupted
  • Mshtml.dll file is infected by virus or malware/spyware
  • The damaged parts of Windows Registry
  • The file was deleted by mistake
  • Out of date mshtml.dll file

How to fix it

Solution 1. To resolve mshtml.dll error, you should first try to install or upgrade Internet Explorer. To do this, go for the website which provides you with a download link where you can obtain Internet Explorer and install it on your PC.
Solution 2.
Download and install, or upgrade the mshtml.dll on your system. It is a free piece of file which normally comes installed on most Windows systems. You can get it from websites and place the file under the folder of C:\Windows\system32. It will basically work to roll back the functionality to your system. Installing the DLL file is easy, and should fix the mshtml.dll error in most cases.

Solution 3.
If installing the DLL file does not resolve the problem then you may have a virus infection. To fix this, you should install an antivirus program to scan through your computer and fix all the viruses that are on it. Unfortunately, many viruses tend to attack the mshtml.dll. This makes it unable to be read by Internet Explorer, which causes the “File could not be found” error.

Solution 4.
Another solution is to clean the registry. Windows registry is the core database that stores dll path references which are basically a big list of where all the.dll files are on your PC. Unfortunately, it is also prone to becoming damaged and corrupted, leaving your system with a bunch of errors.
Rather than spending more of your time and energy on eliminating this “error mshtml.dll” problem, it is advised to try out a program designed to clean up your registry and let it quickly check your system’s dlls.

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