How to Fix Libeay32.dll Error Effectively and Easily on Computer

Libeay32.dll is a non-system component that belongs to OpenSSL from OpenSSL module, and contains the important functions that support the coded communication over the network, although it is not an indispensable file for the Windows system, it is still a very essential file for its supportive applications and registry files on the computer. So you should take measures to fix libeay32.dll error as soon as you encounter this file error problem on your computer.

Common error messages you would receive on the PC:
“Cannot find [PATH]\libeay32.dll”
“The file libeay32.dll is missing.”
“Cannot start OpenVPN. A required component is missing: libeay32.dll. Please install OpenVPN again.”
“The application was failed to start up, as Libeay32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”

What make the error issue on your computer?

There are many situations that would cause the DLL issue on the computer, those most common ones are:

  • Related registry problems on the computer system
  • Virus or malware invasion issue
  • Hardware failure
  • The corruption or accidental removal of the libeay32.dll file
  • Use of the outdated driver

Results of getting this error issue:

  • Cannot effectively and successfully use its supportive applications and functions
  • Actions on the computer are always annoyed by its error massages
  • Computer system does not operate as usual, and often with a very low speed
  • System often results in sudden crash
  • Encounter BSOD errors

How to fix libeay32.dll error for good?

Make sure your computer system is not invaded by malicious virus

It is absolutely an important thing to protect the computer system from any kind of malicious outside attackers like Trojan virus, worm, malware and spyware, besides those common disasters the malicious invaders would create on your PC, the libeay32.dll is also easily be damaged and compromised by the infected virus, to protect the computer or fix libeay32.dll error which is caused by this case, you should check the computer system and kiss those infected viruses from your computer.

Update drivers

Check you computer for make sure the drivers are not out-of-date on your computer, because the outdated drivers issue will often affect the effective use and performance for many system files and installed applications on the computer, and the DLL file is also included, in this case, you should update those non-updated drivers on your computer, and the driver update can be accomplished by the Windows driver update utility or drivers update tool.

Reinstall the file to fix libeay32.dll error

If the error message indicates that the file is corrupted or missing on your computer, you can try to solve this error problem via reinstalling it on your computer, you can choose to get a new libeay32.dll file from downloading on the online resource, or copying from other computer with the same Windows operating system. And please keep in mind that after reinstalling the new file on its default location, you should go to register it on your computer system.

Clean those related registry issues

Actually, the most general reason for such error issue often locates on the associated registry error problems, it is often the case that your improper actions like the incorrect program removal or installation, and manual modification for the system registry are very easily create some registry errors problems on the computer, which will lead some error issues on the computer. Therefore, if you want a way to fix libeay32.dll error and other error problem effectively, you can equip your computer with an reliable and automatic registry fix program, these errors fix will often be a piece a cake for any general computer user.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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