How to Fix Ipconfig.exe Error on Computer

Ipconfig.exe is created as an IP Configuration Utility that is a core system file in the Windows operating system, many programs like Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and Crimson Skies usually require this process to execute the associated features and operations, but it is also a file that creates some problems on the computer.

By default, ipconfig.exe is installed in the folder C:\Windows\System32, and takes the responsibility to assign and view the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the computer, when it cannot be read and used by the Windows system, you will get the error notification which states that the ipconfig.exe is corrupted or cannot be found on the computer.

What cause the ipconfig.exe error on PC?

Many people might be confused about their computers encountering such a problem, actually, it can be caused by many situations, such as: ipconfig.exe is infected and modified by malicious viruses, the process file is removed by ESET Cybersecurity by accident, or process ipconfig.exe cannot load because of the corruption of associated system components.

Negative influences of the error issue:

  • Ipconfig.exe missing error message appear on the computer annoyingly
  • Internet connection problem
  • High CPU/Memory usage
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error
  • Computer start up problem

Available options to fix ipconfig.exe error

Automatic solution – repair with a registry optimizer

Using a professional registry optimizer is the most popular and effective way to resolve various kinds of error problems on the Windows system, it is able to detect and repair all of related system registry errors instantly which is the biggest cause of those error issues on the PC. System registry is a place that contains numerous essential data, DLL and EXE file to support the computer and programs’ performances, however, the overuse or improper running of some applications and files will easily cause some system component corruptions or mistakenly removal. To resolve these problems instantly and easily, the registry optimizer will be the best choice.

How to use a registry optimizer to fix ipconfig.exe error:

  1. Download and install a legitimate registry optimizer on the PC
  2. Launch the program to scan the whole computer system
  3. Waiting for the complete of the scan, select all of deleted registry issues
  4. Click on the repair button
  5. Reboot the computer after the repair

Manual solution

Compare to the automatic solution, manually fixing ipconfig.exe error on the computer will take much of time and efforts in the repairing process, and the common computer user with limited computer knowledge is very easy to create some manual error problems.

First step, check and clean virus infections

According to other people’s experience and the further analysis of this error problem, ipconfig.exe process sometimes would be infected and modified by the specific virus Virus:DOS/Adrenalin.571 and Program:Win32/Advdown.A. To avoid this dangerous infections on the computer, and protect ipconfig.exe file well, you should check your computer system with a powerful antivirus application, and remove all the infections as quickly as possible, it is also an important job for the computer protection.

Second step, update Windows operating system

As the outdated system version also cause this error problem in some cases, in order to fix ipconfig.exe error in this issue, optimize the system structure and guarantee all of Windows system components can operate smoothly and successfully on the PC, it is necessary to check for the update of your Windows system, and install the newest version from Microsoft’s website.

Finally, manual re-register or reinstall associated DLL modules

If the error still exists on the computer, you should consider to register its associated DLL modules like IPBusEnumProxy.dll or IPHLPAPI, IPHLPAPI.DLL, and then install those missing on the computer again in the system folder. Please pay attention to download it from the reliable download resource.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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