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Executable process igfxsrvc.exe is a special file object that related to the Intel(R) Common User Interface, and contains the special functions of offering the graphical interface for all display settings of the chipset. Although it is not an essential Windows system file, it is also required by many applications or system on the computer.

What cause the EXE error?

For different situations on the computer, people may got this error problem with different reasons, but generally speaking, these are the general causes that often trigger the igfxsrvc.exe error on PC:

  • Process igfxsrvc.exe is corrupted or deleted on the computer
  • Malicious spyware or malware infection
  • Program conflict issue
  • Associated system registries error problems
  • incorrect BIOS setting

Igfxsrvc.exe can’t do any good for the computer performance, instead, this error problem will create many inconveniences and more serious issues on your PC if people cannot fix igfxsrvc.exe error instantly.

Problems caused by the error:

  • Sluggish computer performance
  • Many features and applications become invalid
  • Igfxsrvc.exe error message usually pops up and cannot be closed
  • System crash occasionally
  • Blue Screen of Death errors

Available guides to repair igfxsrvc.exe error on the computer

One – check and clean malicious infections

Virus infection is always a bad news for the computer users, for that these malicious invaders not only steal your confidential information, but also do many damages on your computer system, which include damaging many DLL and EXE components on the Windows system. To stop the invasion and corruption of malicious malware or virus, you should check the security of your computer system with an advanced antivirus program, and then remove them completely and immediately. To ensure these viruses do not sneak on your computer in the future, you should activate the real-time protection of the antivirus program on the PC.

Two – reinstall the related process on the computer to fix igfxsrvc.exe eror

If the error messages always displays after you installing a new program, or opening an application on your computer, there may be some problems and incompatibilities between the igfxsrvc.exe process and the program. While you install a program which is not compatible with your Windows operating system or antivirus program, it will disable some features or files on your system, so that this program can operate on your computer without any further conflict. In this case, you need to uninstall the problematic program on your PC, if you really require this application, you can try to install a new one which is more compatible with your operating system, so that it will not disable any features and files on the computer.

Three – repair registry errors on Windows system

System registry is a database that has a close relationship with the igfxsrvc.exe file and many other EXE files on the computer, for that many registries are the indispensable supporters of igfxsrvc.exe performing on the PC, without this registry components, igfxsrvc.exe process will easily be disabled or become invalid. Therefore, you should go to check whether these registries keep working on your Windows system, and repair the corrupted one instantly. Registry error fixer is such a powerful tool that enables the computer user to find out various kinds of registry issues on the Windows system, and clicking on the repair icon, people can easily repair these troublesome issues quickly and automatically without any further manual solution. To fix igfxsrvc.exe error, inviting a good registry error fixer will be a good choice for many common computer users for its ease of use and effective repair.

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