What to Do If Encountered HidServ.dll Error – HidServ.dll Error How to Fix Guide

HidServ.dll is a file used by the Windows to load up audio play back settings and configurations, usually the HidServ.dll file is located in the directory of C:\WINDOWS\system32, occasionally this file can be misplaced to another location or got deleted from the computer, and the absent of HidServ.dll file can lead to HidServ.dll errors in different situations, if your computer is experiencing this kind of error, follow the below steps to get it fixed.

HidServ.dll error causes

  • The dll file is absent and Windows is unable to access to it.
  • The dll file is infected by virus and can not function properly
  • Windows registry has errors or corruption problem.

How to fix HidServ.dll error

Due to the fact that HidServ.dll error can be caused by several different factors, here we listed a few solutions for you to try out according to your particular situation.

The first thing you can try when encounter the error is using the search function of Windows to search the file in your system, if it is found, check out the location of the file, if it is not found in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder, or you found multiple copy of the file, your computer may have been infected by virus or malware. If you are not sure whether your computer is infected, go analyzes the HidServ.dll file by upload the file to www.virustotal.com, if it turned out the file is infected, you should run a virus scan with a reliable anti-virus program over your computer as soon as possible, and remove any detected threat.

If you can not find the file in the computer, follow the below steps to download and replace it on your system.

  • Open the web browser (IE/FireFox/Google Chrome)
  • Visit google.com, in the search blank type in download HidServ.dll, then hit the search button.
  • Select a reliable website to download the dll file.
  • Save the file onto your system.
  • Paste it to the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder (the letter “C” represent the system drive, you can change it according to your circumstance)
  • Click Start > Run (Or search ”run” on Vista & Win7)
  • Go to Start, click Run
  • Type in “cmd” in the run box
  • Use the “regsvr32 HIDServ.dll” commend to install the file to the system
  • Reboot the system.

Remove the program that caused you the problem

The HidServ.dll error would appear if there is conflicts created by certain programs in the computer, you can try to remove the program that triggered the errors and see if the error still persist. To remove a program from your computer, the standard way is using Add/Remove program, here is the steps for your reference:

  • Click Start, go to Control Panel
  • Click Add/Remove program.
  • Select the program you want to uninstall, then click the Remove button
  • Follow the pop-up instruction wizard to continue the removal.
  • After the removal finished, restart your computer.

Clean up the registry

If you don’t maintain registry health by cleaning it regularly, a bloated registry can also bring up HidServ.dll, the best solution to terminate this problem is running a registry scan with a trusted registry cleaner, which can help you remove all the wasted, invalid entries completely, all you need is to perform these three steps:

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