How to Fix Gdi32.dll Error with Advanced Fix Tool

It is very common for people getting gdi32.dll error problem while using the computer, so the available information about what the file is and how can fix this error effectively will be the necessary knowledge for people to maintain or optimize the computer system.

Gdi32.dll file is a GDI Client DLL and a shared library file for gcdef.dll, it is a DLL module that contains many functionalities and programming codes which are important for drawing various graphics , as well as the indispensable supporter for properly presenting the texts on computer. Although this file is an essential part for the Windows system performance, it is very easy to create some gdi32.dll error issues when this DLL file is corrupted, missing or you encounter some serious Windows system problems on the PC.

As the gdi32.dll error problem would bring the following negative impacts on the computer, you should take immediate actions to fix it correctly:

  • Computer often gets its annoying error messages
  • The DLL error will slow down the computer running speed
  • System easily results in crash
  • Related programs like Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012, Opera 11.01 and Grand Prix 3 cannot be used or executed on the PC
  • System BSOD errors
  • Gdi32.dll or related processes occupy a high CPU usage

Instructions to fix gdi32.dll error on Windows system

One – Upgrade the GDI Client DLL driver to fix gdi32.dll BSOD problem

When your computer encounters the gdi32.dll BSOD problem, it will indicates that the driver GDI Client DLL has been reset, invalid, or outdated. In this circumstance, you should fix gdi32.dll error via upgrading the GDI Client DLL driver to the latest version. When the update is installed, all of related files will effectively avoid the outdated issue.

Two – use the related Windows utility to fix gdi32.dll error

Making use of the Windows Recovery Console and Original Windows Setup Disk is the another solution to fix this DLL issue on the computer, through the Windows Recovery Console, corrupted files on the Windows system will be found, and can be repaired well via installing a fresh one with the Original Windows Setup Disk. So, to fix gdi32.dll and its related files, you can try the following solution:

  1. Put the disk in the CD/DVD Drive, reboot your PC when it is required
  2. Press any key to start up the computer from CD-ROM
  3. Select Repair Windows installation, enter the following command into the recovery console to fix this error: expanddrive:i386gdi32.dll_c:winntsystem32drivers /y
  4. Restart your computer again in the normal way

Three – check and fix related registry errors

As a matter of fact, the above two solutions are not always available to fix gdi32.dll error on the computer, if you also get the gdi32.dll error message after completing the above fixing methods, you should consider to fix those related registry errors on the Windows system.

Registry is an important kind of file on the Windows system, a large number of advanced options, configurations and system settings, many DLL modules and executable processes should be perform with the support of related system registries. Therefore, if you encounter gdi32.dll error, checking and fixing related registry issues is also a very common and effective solution to fix gdi32.dll error on the computer. And there are now many advanced registry error fix tool available on the Internet, people can install one of them on the computer, and fix this kind of error issue with ease.

How to fix gdi32.dll error with registry error fix tool

  1. Download and install an advanced fix tool on your PC
  2. Launch the program to scan the computer system
  3. Select all of detected error issues, click on the repair icon
  4. Reboot your PC

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A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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