How to Fix Gapi32.dll – Gapi32.dll Error Troubleshooting Guide

Are you receiving the following messages like “Application could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: gapi32.dll – Please re-install a copy of the above file”, or “Cannot find [PATH\]gapi.dll” or other dreaded error message when you start a program? If so then you might have a missing or corrupted gapi.dll file in your system, either way you have a serious problem on your hands and will need to tackle the fault immediately. Therefore in this page is going to show you how to fix gapi.dll missing or corrupt problems and get your PC running properly again.

Why did I get this error?

Some of the reasons of gapi.dll errors are as follows:

  • Deletion of dll file
  • Overwriting of dll file
  • Corruption of dll files
  • Virus and Malware attack

How to fix gapi32.dll

Solution1. Restore your system
Use the System Restore feature which allows users to restore their computers to a previous state without losing personal data files.
For Windows Vista and 7 users

  • Click Start
  • In the Start search box type System Restore and press enter.

For Windows XP users

  • Click Start
  • Click Programs, and then Accessories
  • Click System Tools and open System Restore

Solution2. Download DLL
You will simply need to download gapi32.dll file and to copy it to the location that it’s specific program requires.
The file info:
Filename: Gapi32.dll
File type: 32-bit dll file
Location: C:\Windows\System32\
After saving it onto the proper direction, a system reboot is required to let the changes take place.
Solution3. Reinstall applications
Reinstall the programs that contain gapi32.dll file such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, or Microsoft Office. Or the application that pops up gapi32.dll error message.

Solution 4. Repair the Registry
The final step is the one that’s recommended method to prevent the error from appearing again.

  • Click to download registry fix tool and install it in your computer.
  • Click Scan button to diagnose your computer for gapi32.dll error.
  • Click Fix button to fix gapi32.dll error and other found problems.

The Windows registry is a storage database of files and configurations that are used to run all software and hardware on your system. Every time you system boots up, the registry is constantly being opened and loaded to run as reliably as possible, but there is common case that many of the entries inside your Windows Registry will either become damaged or corrupted – leading Windows to run slowly and have a lot of errors. It’s often a problem for Windows XP that the registry will become damaged, leading gapi32.dll to be unreadable – leading to the error to show. To fix this, you should clean out the registry regularly, with a reliable registry cleaning tool.

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