How to Fix Fm20.dll Error Correctly and Easily


Get fm20.dll error on your computer but don’t know how can repair it? What’s the best way to fix this error issue well for general users? This article will be a good reference for the proper fm20.dll error repair way.

Fm20.dll file is a dynamic link library object of Microsoft operating system that responsible for offering associated applications with functions to create forms. It is recommended to keep this file on the system, when you get some error messages reporting the fm20.dll error, you should take necessary steps to get it fixed well.

Associated error messages:

“fm20.dll is not found”
“2007 Microsoft Office system was not able to launch because fm20.dll is not located”.

This problem may be caused by the below situations:

  • Malicious viruses are attacking the computer system
  • File fm20.dll is damaged or missing
  • Outdated driver or system problem
  • System registries related to this DLL files become invalid or corrupted

Bad influences of having the error on computer:

  • Related error messages will always appear on the screen
  • Other DLL and EXE error issues would be caused
  • System performance become sluggish
  • Computer often freezes
  • Computer start-up problem
  • Blue Screen of Death

Available methods to fix fm20.dll error

Recommended method: fix the error via a good registry fixer

Associated system registry issues is often the common cause for many kinds of DLL and EXE error problems on the computer, because these important components store in this great database, and usually perform their special features and functions with the help with related system registry files. When there are some problems occur in these registry components, related DLL file will also be affected on the computer. Therefore, the most effective way to repair fm20.dll error is employing an outstanding registry fixer to repair all of system registry issues.

Specific steps to fix fm20.dll error with registry fixer:

  1. Download and install a good registry fixer on the computer
  2. Use the program to scan the whole computer system
  3. When it is completed, select all of problematic registries from its scan result
  4. Click on the fix button to finish the repair process
  5. Restart your computer

Another solution: fix fm20.dll error manually

Although it is not always an effective solution for the DLL error, you still can try to solve the problem via the following method.

One – clean out infections
Computer being attacked by malicious viruses are easily cause many DLL components to be affected seriously, so that cannot be used smoothly by the system and many associated applications. To protect the computer and fm20.dll file from being attacked by dangerous viruses, you should perform a thorough check and removal for all of possible infections.

Two – update your Windows system and driver
Outdated Windows system and driver is often the reason that cause the computer operate very slowly, and many functions cannot be used successfully as required, and it also may cause the DLL file cannot be read by the Windows system. Please go to check there are some new updates of your Windows system in the Microsoft website as well as the driver, and install all of them on your computer system.

Three – replace the current fm20.dll file manually
As corrupted fm20.dll file also can cause the error problem, you can replace the current fm20.dll file to avoid the corrupted fm20.dll file issue.

Steps to replace the DLL file manually on PC:

  1. Download a new fm20.dll file online or copy from another computer
  2. Go to the original location of the file, and name the current fm20.dll file as fm20_old.dll
  3. Copy and paste the new file on the original place
  4. Click Start, and Run
  5. Type “cmd” to open a command prompt, and enter “regsvr32_fm20.dll”
  6. Press Enter

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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